Marit Aure
Project leader, researcher and workpack leader 

Marit Aure is a Professor of sociology in the Department of Social Sciences, UiT/The Arctic University of Norway. She has a long-standing interest in national and international migration and immigrant integration. Most of her work includes questions of gender, age, ethnicity and intersectionality. Read more


Torill Nyseth
Researcher and workpack leader 

Torill Nyseth is a Professor in planning at the Department of Social Sciences, UiT/The Arctic University of Norway. She is a member of the research group “Place, Power and Mobility”. Research fields include: urban planning, planning theory, place transformation, local democracy, governance and urban ethnicities. Read more


Tone Magnussen
Researcher and workpack leader 

Tone Magnussen is a Senior Researcher at Nordland Research Institute . The institute is a joint-stock company, co-owned by Nordland University and the Nordlandsforskning Foundation. The institute conducts research on the following topics: entrepreneurship, welfare and environment. Tone Magnussen has special interests in interdisciplinary studies, constructions of place, and integration processes. Read more

Gregory Taff
Researcher, workpack leader and Partner 

Gregory Taff work as a Research Scientist at the Norwegian Institute of Bioeconomy Research (NIBIO). NIBO is a research organization under the Ministry of Agriculture focused on bioeconomic issues, focused on the sustainable management of forests and agriculture. Taff work in the Landscape Monitoring Department, which is interested in the interactions between humans and the environment in rural, peri-urban, and urban landscapes.  Read more

PurpleDinner: Gregory Taff is a co-founder of Purple Dinner: a website that connects guests and hosts to enjoy meals in people’s homes. In collaboration with partner Marsil Andelov Al-Mahamid, they run volunteer activities to help refugees and locals connect through these home dinners. Homepage:
Norsk Folkehjelp: Taff is Chairman of the Board at Norsk Folkehjelp Sør-Tromsøya. Norsk Folkehjelp is a volunteer organization in Tromsø with a current main focus of aiding refugee integration in Tromsø.
Homepage: www. Norsk Folkehjelp


Anne Britt Flemmen

Anne Britt Flemmen is a Professor in the Department of Social Sciences (ISV) at UiT/The Arctic University of Norway. Her main research interests in recent years have been migration, integration and relations between majority and minority population. She has also had a particular focus on gender. Read more


Anniken Førde
Researcher and workpack leader 

Anniken Førde is an Associate Professor of social planning and cultural understanding at the Department of Social Sciences, UiT/ The Arctic university of Norway. She has significant experience with research on urban transformation and innovation practices, and has in recent years been working with challenges related to climate change, and increased mobility and diversity for the development of sustainable societies. Read more

Kirsten Simonsen

Kirsten Simonsen is a Professor of Social and Cultural Geography at Roskilde University, Denmark. She is interested in urban cultures and everyday life, social and critical theory, and the history and philosophy of geography. Her current research on the borderline between practice theory and postcolonialism focuses on ethnic minorities, cross-cultural encounters, practices of identity formation, and racism in Denmark. Read more


Lasse Koefoed

Lasse Koefoed is an Associate professor in social and cultural geography and urban studies at Roskilde University. His research interests relate to urban geographies, geopolitics, cities, and minorities and cross-cultural encounters and everyday life. Lasse has been involved in several major research projects and have been widely published in international journals such as Mobilities, Social and Cultural Geography, Ethnicities, and Cities and Antipode.  Read more

Marsil Andelov Al-Mahamid

Marsil Andelov is the Founder of Art Zone and Co-founder of PurpleDinner AS. Al-Mahamid was born in Yugoslavia in 1983. Andelov graduated from the Tromsø Academy of Contemporary Arts in 2015. He also holds an MA in Business Creation and entrepreneurship from UiT, and a BA in industrial engineering and management from Belgrade University. 
Al-Mahamid often works with embroidery and video – performance art.
Al-Mahamid exhibited extensively in Norway and internationally over the past years. Homepages:  and


Rebekka Brox Liabø

Rebekka Brox Liabø writes theater plays and teaches creative writing using a range of techniques including teaching acting. She developed the Speak for Yourself project, a project on the border of pedagogy and art. It is a project and investigation for working with youth who have dropped out of high school. The model contains several components, including a writing workshop for the young people, a performance based on the texts written during these workshops, courses for teachers and research. Homepage:


Tomás Demetrio Ventura López/The Church City Mission Bodø, Batteriet North Norway

Tomás Demetrio Ventura López is Executive Director at Batteriet in Bodø. Batteriet is a centre for self-organization, self-help and advocacy work. Batteriet works together with groups and grass roots organizations that want to fight against social exclusion, isolation and poverty in Norway. Among the services Batteriet offers is to help start or develop organizations; work to influence the government social policies; offer office space, supplies and meeting space; and much more. Homepage:

Vera Isachsen/Red Cross

Vera Isachsen works as a voluntary work coordinator at Bodø Red Cross. Bodø Red Cross is a local branch of the Red Cross, the world’s largest humanitarian organization. They have almost 500 volunteers working in different fields from disaster preparedness to different kinds of care for humans. Bodø Red Cross has a variety of activities with the goal of including foreigners into the Bodø society. They want to present this, especially our weekly “Borrow a Bodøværing”. This is a project developed to make people meet and connect in a simple way. Homepage:



Kari Lydersen/Hålogaland Amateur Theater organization (HATS)
Partner and workpack leader 

Kari Lydersen is Executive Director at HATS. HATS is an organization for people active in amateur dramatics in Northern Norway. HATS has developed and run several projects on integration through art and volunteering. One project was Bolyst gjennom ildsjeler (2012-2016) where one of the goals was to integrate immigrants as active participants in volunteer organizations.  Homepage:



Evariste Nshimiyimana/Tromsø Municipality

Evariste Nshimiyimana is a consultant in Tromsø Municipality at the Department of Culture and Sports. He works with integration of refugees and migrants in cultural and leisure activities. He has a background as an agricultural engineer from Rwanda with experience in management of projects. He collaborates with voluntary organizations through management of various grants. Homepage:


Merethe Wie Sandbakk/Bodø Municipality

Merethe Wie Sandbakk is a diversity coordinator in Bodø Municipality at det Department of Strategic Planning and Development. The diversity coordinator is responsible for ensuring diversity, inclusion and integration in the municipality`s planning, and to coordinate projects an measures regarding diversty. Bodø Municipality belives diversity is a resource. Bodø wants to be a city for everybody. Homepage: