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Cognitive Linguistics: Empirical Approaches to Russian (and many other languages)

Pictured are (from left to right): Reza Soltani, Anna Endresen, Tore Nesset, Svetlana Sokolova, Laura A. Janda, Yuliia Palii, Elmira Zhamaletdinova, Valentina Zhukova. 2023

Pictured are (from left to right): Anna Endresen, Svetlana Sokolova, Elena Bjørgve, Maria Nordrum, James D. McDonald, Tore Nesset, Anastasia Makarova, Daria Kosheleva, Elmira Zhamaletdinova, Laura A. Janda. Photo: David Jensen /UiT, 2019

CLEAR pursues empirical research in the framework of cognitive linguistics with the aim of building electronic resources that support research-based student-centered language pedagogy. Find our research on the Projects page, and our electronic resources on the Products page.

The CLEAR group brings linguistics into the information age, with special emphasis on

  • Cognitive Linguistics (explanation of language phenomena in terms of general cognitive strategies)
  • Empirical Approaches (language data and its statistical analysis)
  • Russian (the northern language that is also a world language).

The linguistic expertise of the group also includes Czech, Ukrainian, Norwegian, North Sámi, Spanish, Paamese, and Persian.

Funding: CLEAR is funded by the University of Tromsø, and CLEAR’s projects are supported by external grants from the Norwegian Research Council, the Centre for Advanced Study, and the Direktoratet for internasjonalisering og kvalitetsutvikling av høyere utdanning.

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