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Group leaders:

Tore Nesset


Research interests: Russian morphosyntax and phonology, cognitive linguistics, corpus linguistics

Laura A. Janda


  • Professor of Russian Linguistics
  • Meritorious teacher at UiT The Arctic University of Norway (from 2017)
  • Member of the Norwegian Academy of Science and Letters (from 2018)
  • Laura Janda’s Teaching Portfolio and personal homepage

Research interests: Russian language, Slavic languages, Saami language, cognitive linguistics, corpus linguistics

On-site members:

Svetlana Sokolova


Associate Professor

Research interests: linguistic theory, Cognitive Linguistics, Construction Grammar, morphology, syntax-semantics interface, grammaticalization, lexicalization, word-formation, nominalizations, historical linguistics, Slavic linguistics, aspect, verbal prefixes, quantifiers and pronouns, corpus linguistics, computational linguistics, pragmatics, semiotics

Anna Endresen


Postdoctoral research fellow


Research interests: Construction Grammar and Constructicography, Slavic languages, semantics of Russian aspectual prefixes, derivational morphology, experimental and corpus linguistics, non-standard allomorphy, statistical modeling of linguistic data

Simon Devylder


Postdoctoral researcher (Marie Skłodowska-Curie Fellow)


Research interests: North Sámi language, Paamese language, gesture analysis, semantic typology, field linguistics, documentation & revitalization of indigenous languages, cognitive linguistics, cognitive semiotics, linguistic anthropology, polysemiotic communication (“multimodality”),linguistic anthropology, metaphors & metonymy, body categorization, possessive constructions, Vanuatu sand drawings.

Yuliia Palii

Associate Professor in Ukrainian Linguistics

Research interests: creating educational resources for teaching and learning foreign languages (Ukrainian, Spanish, English), translation studies, and semantics

Elmira Zhamaletdinova


PhD student

Research interests: Russian language, Slavic languages, modality, cognitive linguistics, corpus linguistics, linguistic typology, second language acquisition, Romance linguistics

Elena Bjørgve



Research interests: teaching Russian as a foreign language, language pedagogy, philosophy


Anna Obukhova


PhD student

Research interests: critical discourse analysis, cognitive linguistics, corpus linguistics, media discourse, Russian language

Valentina Zhukova


PhD student

Research interests: Russian language, Construction Grammar and constructicography, the semantics of grammatical constructions, corpus linguistics

Reza Soltani


Postdoctoral researcher

Research interests: Cognitive Linguistics, Cognitive Semantics, Metaphor, Polysemy, Construction Grammar, Usage-based Construction Grammar, Light Verbs, Motion Verbs, Language and Culture, Persian Linguistics, Philosophy of Language

Off-site (external) members:

Anastasia Makarova


Associate professor in Russian, University of Uppsala

Researcher profile in Cristin

Research interests: Cognitive Linguistics, psycholinguistics, language acquisition, Slavic languages, Russian as a foreign language

Hanne Eckhoff


Associate Professor in Russian Linguistics and Comparative Slavonic Philology (University of Oxford)

Fellow and Tutor in Russian and Linguistics, Lady Margaret Hall


Research interests: historical Slavonic linguistics, diachronic text corpora (treebanks), computational linguistics, Old Church Slavonic, Old Russian, Ancient Greek, verbal aspect, definiteness marking, information structure

Robert Reynolds


Assistant Research Professor in Digital Humanities (Brigham Young University, USA)

Research interests: Intelligent Computer-Assisted Language Learning (ICALL): finite-state morphological analysis/disambiguation, automatic exercise generation in the context of authentic texts, linguistically intelligent web search, automatic readability/complexity analysis, automatic reading proficiency assessment on the basis of eye movement, automatic writing proficiency assessment; Structure of Russian: aspect, verbal prefixation

Olga Lyashevskaya


Professor at School of Linguistics, Leading Research Fellow at Linguistic Convergence Laboratory (The Higher School of Economics (HSE), Moscow); Senior Researcher at Vinogradov Institute of Russian Language, Russian Academy of Sciences (RAS)

Personal Homepage

Research interests:  Lexical and grammatical semantics (cognitive semantics, construction grammar, grammatical category of number, space and grammar, lexical classifications); Corpus linguistics (The Russian National Corpus, Russian FrameBank); Lexicography (corpus-based lexicography, Frequency dictionary of RNC, Grammatical dictionary of new words, Word-formation and morphemic dictionary); Computational linguistics (morphological and semantic annotation, word-sense disambiguation, frequency dictionary, construction learning); Russian

Julia Kuznetsova


Independent Researcher

Research interests: natural language processing, neural networks, metrics, unaccusativity, modality, linguistic aptitude
Aleksandrs Berdicevskis


Researcher (University of Gothenburg)


Research interests: language evolution and change; quantitative typology; computational linguistics; linguistic complexity

Maria Nordrum


PhD graduate of March 2020

Research interests: Russian aspect, Cognitive Linguistics

James McDonald


MA student and former group assistant

Research interests: Slavic languages, Germanic languages, Romance languages, morphology, corpus data, syntax

Håkon Roald Sverdrupsen


MA student and former group assistant

Research interests: Russian language, politics, history

Daria Kosheleva

PhD graduate of June 2023

Research interests: Cognitive linguistics, aspect, future tense, Russian, Russian as a foreign language

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