On March 27, 2020, Maria Nordrum defended her doctoral dissertation entitled “Together and apart: Perfective verbs with a prefix and the semelfactive suffix -nu- in Contemporary Standard Russian”. The project was supervised by Tore Nesset and Laura A. Janda.

The dissertation committee consisted of Östen Dahl (Stockholm University) as the 1st opponent, Alan Cienki (Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam) as the 2nd opponent, and the leader of the committee Natalia Mitrofanova (UiT The Arctic University of Norway). The leader of the defense was Linda Nesby.

Maria’s doctoral dissertation is now available at MUNIN here.






The CLEAR group does it again! Svetlana Sokolova, Valentina Zhukova, Tore Nesset, and Laura Janda are presenting at the Slavic Cognitive Linguistics Conference at Harvard University on October 12-14, 2019:

There are five talks by CLEAR group members at this conference.


Pictured (from left to right): Laura Janda, Tore Nesset, Valentina Zhukova, Svetlana Sokolova





Invited guest lectures by Laura Janda and Tore Nesset at Petrozavodsk State University (Petrozavodsk, September 18, 2019) and the Higher School of Economics (Moscow, September 26, 2019)


Pictured: Tore Nesset






On September 5-6 2019, right after the PhD course “Aspect across languages and linguistic schools”, we held a conference “Aspect in the Arctic” that featured seven keynote lectures and eleven talks. Many thanks to co-organizers Laura Janda,  Antonio Fábregas, Anna Endresen, and James David McDonald for all their work and fantastic collaboration, and thank you to all members of the CLEAR research group at UiT for their help in organizing this event!! This was a highly productive and intensive week!

LingPhil PhD course HIF-8038 “Aspect across languages and linguistic schools” held at UiT on September 2-4, 2019 was co-organized by Laura Janda,  Antonio Fábregas, Anna Endresen, and James David McDonald.

  • The event attracted PhD students and postdocs from both Norwegian universities (University of Agder and UiT The Arctic University Norway) and from abroad (U of California, U of Chicago, USA; Vilnius U; Institute for Linguistics Studies, Russian Academy of Sciences; Rhodes U).
  • The course was taught by leading experts of grammatical aspect: Östen Dahl (Stockholm U),  Stephen M. Dickey (U of Kansas), María J. Arche (U of Greenwich), Mila Vulchanova (NTNU), Laura A. Janda, Antonio Fábregas, and Gillian Ramchand (UiT).
  • The course discussed peculiar properties of grammatical aspect, one of the most versatile and striking grammatical categories of natural languages. The focus was on recent accounts of aspect in various theoretical frameworks and on rich empirical data from a variety of languages, including Germanic, Slavic, Celtic, Romance and Indo-Iranian languages (in particular English, Russian, Bulgarian, Scottish Gaelic, Spanish, and Hindi) as well as some non-Indo-European languages.



September 2019: CLEAR is back to Tromsø ready for a PhD course and a conference next week.


Pictured are (from left to right): Elmira Zhamaletdinova, Daria Kosheleva, Laura Janda, Tore Nesset, Julie Goncharov, Svetlana Sokolova, Anna Endresen.





August 2019: The CLEAR group is making a big impression at Det 21:a Nordiska Slavistmötet in Joensuu, Finland (August 14-18, 2019).

CLEAR members presented five talks, organized a Theme session on compound words and a round table on the Learner’s Constructicon for Russian.


Pictured are (from left to right): Elena Bjørgve, Daria Kosheleva, Svetlana Sokolova, Laura Janda, Tore Nesset, Valentina Zhukova, Ekarina Rakhilina.





August 6-11, 2019: Members of CLEAR presented six talks at the 15th International Cognitive Linguistics Conference in Nishinomiya, Japan.


Pictured (from left to right): Daria Mordashova, Laura Janda, Valentina Zhukova, Svetlana Sokolova, Tore Nesset, Daria Kosheleva, Saeed Rahandaz. 







June 20, 2018: Tore Nesset was awarded the status of “Meritorious Teacher” of UiT The Arctic University of Norway. Read more in Khrono. Tore Nesset’s digital Teaching Portfolio can be accessed here.


Pictured (from left to right): Anne Husebekk, Lena Bendiksen, Tore Nesset, Jørn Hansen, Jahn Petter Johnsen, Siw Skrøvset, and Hilde Blix. Foto: David Jensen /UiT




May 4, 2018: Laura Janda has become a member of the Norwegian Academy of Science and Letters. Congratulations, Laura! We are so proud of you!










October 13, 2017: Laura Janda received a festschrift in her honor:

Anastasia Makarova, Stephen M. Dickey and Dagmar S. Divjak (eds.) Each Venture a New Beginning: Studies in Honor of Laura A. Janda. 2017. Bloomington, IN: Slavica Publishers. 241-258. ISBN 978-0-89357-478-9.

Pictured are: Laura Janda (leftmost picture); Stephen Dickey, Dagmar Divjak, Laura Janda




May 2017: An interview with Laura Janda about open data in linguistics


April 18, 2017: Laura Janda was selected as an “Open Data Champion” in SPARC Europe’s European Open Data showcase! Read the interview with Laura Janda here.









On June 14, 2017, Laura Janda was awarded the status of a “Meritorious Teacher” in the first round of competitions at UiT The Arctic University of Norway. Congratulations, Laura!

Read more here.

Laura Janda’s digital Teaching Portfolio can be accessed here.

Pictured are (from left to right): Eli Moksnes Furu, Marit Allern, Anne Eriksen, Wenche Jakobsen, Laura Janda, Anne Husebekk, Bernt Bertheussen. Foto: Lars Åke Andersen






The book Ikke bare-bare – en liten bok om å oversette til russisk by our own Tore Nesset and Anastasia Makarova (Novus 2016) just came out in November 2016!

The book is accompanied with a website containing videos and interactive exercises for each chapter of the book.

Topics covered: verb aspect, verbs of motion, numerals and quantifiers, short forms of adjectives, impersonal constructions, passive, participles and gerunds, complex sentences, and word order.

Pictured: Tore Nesset, Anastasia Makarova. Photo: David Jensen / UiT





November 18, 2016: Here are press releases about research by Laura Janda and Lene Antonsen in both Norwegian and North Saami


Pictured (from left to right): Lene Antonsen and Laura Janda. Foto: Stig Brøndbo






August 15, 2016: Robert Reynolds defended his doctoral dissertation “Russian natural language processing for computer- assisted language learning: Capturing the benefits of deep morphological analysis in real-life applications” now available here on MUNIN.


Pictured: Robert Reynolds








The last conference of the year 2015 attended by CLEAR is the 14th annual conference of the Slavic Cognitive Linguistics Association held at the Universities of Sheffield and Oxford (UK) on December 9-13, where six members of CLEAR presented seven talks including a featured presentation on TROLLing (

Pictured are: Anastasia Makarova, Svetlana Sokolova, Hanne M. Eckhoff, Laura A. Janda, Tore Nesset, and Julia Kuznetsova







Today, on the 17th of December of 2015 we received great news: our own Francis Tyers just received a grant from the European Association of Machine Translation for holding a Summer School on Rule-Based Machine Translation.

The school will take place over a period of two weeks in the summer of 2016 at the Universitat d’Alacant.

Congratulations, Fran!!


Pictured is: Francis M. Tyers





Time machines do not exist, but books are good substitutes. Tore Nesset’s new book that just came out in September 2015 takes you two thousand years back in time and explains how the Russian language came to be the way it is by reviewing all major changes in the grammar and sound system. The book is now available at Slavica Publishers.



Pictured: Tore Nesset








We are happy to announce that our own Julia Kuznetsova published a book entitled “Linguistic profiles: Going from Form to Meaning via Statistics”. The book came out at DE GRUYTER MOUTON in August, 2015.


Pictured: Julia Kuznetsova






CLEAR had a fantastic start to the new semester! The day after a productive and highly inspirational group meeting held on August 26, CLEAR attended a musical concert “Grieg & Mendelssohn ut på tur” performed by the virtuosic Nordnorsk Opera og Symfonyorkester. Here we are, in the woods in front of Skihytta, in one of the most picturesque places in Tromsø.


Pictured are: Koldo J. Garai (University of the Basque Country), Svetlana Sokolova, Anna Endresen, Hanne M. Eckhoff, Tore Nesset, Laura A. Janda, Anastasia Makarova, and our new students Marina Kustova and Tatiana Gavrilova.






On August 19, 2015, four members of our research group presented five papers at the 5th Conference of the Scandinavian Association for Language and Cognition (SALC V) organized by NTNU. They send warm regards to three other members of CLEAR, Francis Tyers, Robert Reynolds, and Olga Lyashevskaya, who co-authored two of these papers.


Pictured (from left to right): Laura A. Janda, Tores Nesset, Anastasia Makarova, Anna Endresen






On July 20-25, 2015, eight members of the CLEAR research group presented twelve papers at the International Cognitive Linguistics Conference in Newcastle, UK. Here they are, all wearing TROLLing t-shirts.


Pictured (from left to right): Julia Kuznetsova, Anastasia Makarova, Laura Janda, Olga Lyashevskaya, Tore Nesset, Svetlana Sokolova, Anna Endresen, and Aleksandrs Berdicevskis.




Starting from July 2015, the CLEAR group has a new member, Maria Nordrum, who recently submitted her Master’s thesis entitled “Disentangling путать: An empirical analysis of one verb with prefix variation”.


Pictured: Tore Nesset, Maria Nordrum






On April 21-22, 2015, the CLEAR group organized a conference “Slavic Corpus Linguistics: The Historical Dimension”. For the programme, handouts and presentations see the conference site at



On April 21, 2015, a member of CLEAR, Hanne Eckhoff, held a launch of TOROT, the Tromsø Old Russian and OCS Treebank, available at

See ppt from this event.










Anna Endresen defended her doctoral dissertation titled “Non-Standard Allomorphy in Russian Prefixes: Corpus, Experimental, and Statistical Exploration” on January 16, 2015.


Pictured are (from left to right) Hanne M. Eckhoff (leader of the committee), Eystein Dahl (leader of the defense), Laura A. Janda (supervisor), Dagmar Divjak (2nd opponent), Anna Endresen (candidate), Tore Nesset (supervisor), and Stephen M. Dickey (1st opponent).







The second edition of Tore Nesset’s book “Russiskstudentens beste venn. Elementær innføring i kasuslære” came out in November, 2014. Find out more about this book at


Pictured: Tore Nesset








On September 19-20, 2014, the CLEAR group participated in Research Days (Forskningsdagene) in Tromsø, presenting our research to the local public.


Pictured are Francis M. Tyers, Laura A. Janda, Tore Nesset, and Svetlana Sokolova.







Anastasia Makarova defended her dissertation titled “Rethinking diminutives: a case study of Russian verbs” on August 26, 2014.


Pictured are Laura A. Janda, Michael S. Flier (2nd opponent), Stephen M. Dickey (1st opponent), Elizaveta Renne, Anastasia Makarova, Tore Nesset (supervisor), and Hanne M. Eckhoff (leader of the committee). Photo: Adnan Icagic







Julia Kuznetsova defended her dissertation titled “Linguistic Profiles: Correlations between Form and Meaning” on May 6, 2013.


Pictured: Julia Kuznetsova with Laura Janda (supervisor), Endre Mørck (leader of the committee), Maria Polinsky (1st opponent), Peter Svenonius (leader of the defense), and Mark Turner (2nd opponent).





On February 22, 2013 the CLEAR group organized a conference “Cognitive Linguistics in the Triangle: Slavic and Beyond” that took place at UNC Chapel Hill, USA (Program):





Our book “Why Russian aspectual prefixes aren’t empty: prefixes as verb classifiers” (2013) co-authored by Laura Janda, Anna Endresen, Julia Kuznetsova, Olga Lyashevskaya, Anastasia Makarova, Tore Nesset, and Svetlana Sokolova has been published by Slavica Publishers.











Svetlana Sokolova defended her doctoral dissertation entitled “Asymmetries in Linguistic Construal.  Russian Prefixes and the Locative Alternation” on September 24, 2012.


On the picture: Svetlana Sokolova with Laura Janda (supervisor), Mirjam Fried (1st opponent), Antonio Fabregas (leader of the committee),Tuomas Huomo (2nd opponent), and Endre Mørck (chair, department of linguistics)







At the HSL Christmas party on December 16, 2011, Laura Janda received the Prize for Best ResearcherJanda was nominated jointly by CASTL and the Department of Language and Linguistics at the University of Tromsø. Congratulations, Laura!

Here is an excerpt of the nomination letter.


Pictured: Laura Janda






In the year 2011/2012 Laura A. Janda and Tore Nesset were group leaders of the Research group “Time is Space: Unconscious Models and Conscious Acts” at the Centre for Advanced Study in Oslo.







March 2, 2011, at 12.15: Exploring Emptiness database is officially released and celebrated at Akademisk Kvarter, the university book store. Release party invitation


Read a blog post by Laura Janda: Exploring Emptiness: A database for learners and teachers of Russian







Research group CLEAR at one of regular weekly meetings in 2011.


Pictured (from left to right): Svetlana Sokolova, Anna Endresen, Olga Lyashevskaya, Laura Janda, Tore Nesset, Julia Kuznetsova, Anastasia Makarova.




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