The climate movements are proposing also a lexical change to the traditional narrative on global warming, its causes and consequences. The term “climate emergency” is more and more adopted. I did not systematically used this term – that by the way I like – throughout this cycle of podcasts, but if you follow this MOOC I hope that you will be convinced that we are in front of one of the biggest and most pervasive crises that humanity had ever to face, and of the urgency of action that it calls for.

In this introductory podcast, after an overview of the course where I explain the reasons why some of the subjects on which the MOOC is articulated have been chosen, I anticipate some of my conclusions, in particular of enlarging the scope of the fight against anthropogenic global warming by looking at the need – in order to make a stable step towards a long-lasting future within the planetary boundaries – of a broader cultural and societal change.