The wandering mind of the long-distance runner

Long-distance runners spend many hours per week (or even per day) practicing their sport. What do those runners think about all this time? Do the thoughts they are thinking have an impact on their performance or on their well-being? Is there a special “flow”-state during running and is it characterized by special thought-patterns? How do other variables affect the quality of a run?

All those are questions that we are interested in answering in this project. We developed an app for mobile-phones that can be used by runners during their exercises to collect data on their thoughts and performance.
In this student project, the student(s) can analyse already collected datasets and/or conduct additional data-collection with the mobile-phone application. The project is supervised by Matthias Mittner and it is open for BSc, MSc or hovedfag students. It is a clear advantage if the student(s) are themselves enthusiastic about running.

Those are screenshots of the used mobile-app. It is easy to manipulate/extend this app for further data-collection.








It is also possible to collect performance information (e.g., speed and heart-rate) to look at the relationship between thoughts and physiological mechanisms.

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