A frog in a north norwegian fjord

Four months, already! Time flies, but oh! so fast. It seems like there are so much things left to see and do. Four months since I’m here, and it seems like only one. Well not exactly. You cannot be fooled by the seasons, changing so quickly and contrasting so much. Goodbye northern lights and snow fights. Hello endless sunshine, and bright nights!

Ah! The joy of waking up with the sun at 4am, and not being able to go back to sleep (at least in my case) because it is already too sunny. As annoying as it is, it is also the charm of this little town.

Let’s leave the discovDSCN2345ery of Tromsø apart. The little blue mussels seem to thrive, at least the last time I saw them. Apart of course from the occasional sacrifices done for Science. I’m pretty sure they are doing fine, and spending some happy time in their little cages out in the fjord…growing slowly, hopefully. But how can I be sure, I have no idea how it feels like to be a mussel.

Biomarkers analyses are done in the laboratory, or well mostly done. Now the amusing (hard?) part is starting (or continuing). Understanding results, remembering the statistic courses, how to run statistical tests (finding the accurate one!), not becoming desperate when not finding why it is not working, reading articles to understand the statistics and the mussels!! And again, keeping the motivation up, finally finding the good test and achieving the first statistical treatment…and being so proud to do it. Yeah, the annoying, but gratifying part.

So much work to do, so much places to see, so little time left. The midnight sun is coming soon. As gorgeous as the darkness are here, up north, I am sure that the light will be just as wonderful.

Post by Apolline Laenger, Master student on the project.

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