Visiting scientists


MSc Salvatore Cotronei is a marine biologist, he  was born in Crotone (Italy) and has just finished a postgraduated 2nd level master course in “Coastal Marine Ecosystem quality assessment, management and conservation” at the University of Siena focusing attention on vary aspects of marine ecotoxicology in particular on the study of the effect of POPs on marine organisms and study of microplastics and their effect such as endocrine disruptors. He graduated from the University of Catania in Marine Biology with a thesis on the systematic and ecology of polychaetes that live in the Strait of Messina (Sicily). He has always been fond of Arctic marine ecosystems and everything related to the biology and ecology of polar enviroments and the opportunity to collaborate with Dr Jasmine Nahrgang made ​​him the happiest man in the world.


Amarante Vitra is an ecology student studying ecosystems functioning at the University of Bordeaux (France). She came in Tromsø to do an internship for her first year of Master. Her work in the ecotoxicology group of the University of Tromsø focuses on the differences in ecology and biological responses of subtidal and intertidal blue mussels of a local mussel bed in Tromsø. Through a field based experiment, she will investigate how environmental conditions such as daily air exposure and variations in salinity and temperature can influence the pro/anti oxidant balance in blue mussels. During her stay, she will carry out extensive field sampling as well as biochemical analyses (e.g. lipid peroxidation, total carotenoid and DNA damage) in the laboratory. Having a great interest in Nordic regions, coming to Tromsø to work with Jasmine Nahrgang is a fantastic experience for her!