Tromsø IL A-team elite soccer players at the Corpore Sano field lab, Alfheim, Tromsø.

The Corpore Sano Centre undertakes high-impact life sciences research and innovation at the intersection of computer science, sport science, and medicine. Our interdisciplinary research targets elite sport performance development and injury prevention; preventive health care; large-scale population screening; and epidemiological health studies.

Computer science focus areas include systems support for efficient monitoring, collection and back-end storage systems; machine learning and advanced analytics systems; and user interaction and access. Fault-tolerance, privacy, and security are key research topics, and “system robustness by design” is our first-order software design principle.

In-depth interactions between academics, key industry and public stakeholders, and end-users impact research undertaken. We are developing fully deployed, real-world system and application prototypes as part of our experimental systems-oriented research.

The Corpore Sano Centre is affiliated with the UiT Cyber Security Group.