Talk: Performance Analysis in Football – Current Issues and Actual Research

Corpore Sano senteret, UiT i samarbeid med Tromsø IL inviterer til foredrag på Alfheim stadion, 2.etasje (kantina) torsdag 26 oktober kl. 14.00. 

Speaker: Professor Martin Lames, Dept. Sport and Health Sciences, TU München, Tyskland

Abstract: In our work at TU München in the last decades it turned out to be a conceptually valuable approach to distinguish between theoretical and practical football performance analysis. In short, theoretical performance analysis tries to explain the nature of the game establishing law-like rules on behavioural data, applying appropriate mathematical models, and looking for a conceptual framework of performance. Practical performance analysis, on the other hand, works on performance analysis that is carried out in practice to analyse one’s own performance, to develop and implement a match plan, and to give optimum support for coaches and athletes.

This talk will detail our experiences in performance analysis in professional football. Particular focus will be on the information base that is necessary for a sound assessment of a player’s performance demands.