Our primary purpose is to undertake high-impact research to develop innovative and enabling technologies for interdisciplinary research in sport science and medicine. Research in the centre is organized in a number of projects:

“Muithu”, a notational analysis system using mobiles and portable cameras, in use at Alfheim Stadium in Tromsø.

Quantified Soccer; we are performing basic research at the intersection of computer science and (sport) medicine with concrete use-cases for our partner soccer clubs and Federal Associations.  Performance development and injury prevention are key problems investigated. The cohort of top athletes participating in controlled epidemiological studies relevant for their professional lives is important for advanced technology prototyping, industrial beta-testing, and for experiments with wearable devices and intervention technologies based on Big Data analytics.

Medicine; we are using experiences from the elite soccer cohorts and develop related technologies for epidemiological use-cases in larger scale.  We are also developing scalable machine learning systems with our clinical medicine partners.  Our main focus is in the gastro domain.

Technological Infrastructure; we are developing, deploying, and experimentally evaluating a series of scalable, secure, privacy-preserving, and high-performing run-time systems in the sport science and medical domains.

The ARCSECC Secure Computing Initiative;