About the group

The Complex Systems Modelling group at UiT comprises of the university’s statisticians and applied mathematicians, together with climate modelers and plasma physicists. The group is devoted to interdisciplinary efforts to analysis and modeling of complex physical, biological and socio-economic systems. Our approach is to study complex systems through a combination of data analysis and modeling. We apply a wide spectrum of statistical methods, ranging from classical time series analysis to big-data methodology. And on the modelling side we have expertise in dynamical systems, stochastic modeling, partial differential equations, fluid dynamics, and GCM climate modelling. The group is actively conducting research on mathematical and statistical methods in climate science, fusion energy, linear and non-linear optics, and modern medical and epidemiological statistics. The group is a central part of the Faculty of Science and Technology’s thematic effort “The dynamics of the climate in the Arctic”, where we collaborate closely with the Department of Geosciences.

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