Invited Speakers

Preliminary List of Invited Speakers CSI 2013

Carlo Barbante, Italy: Spectroscopy under the ice.

María Montes Bayón, Spain: Accurate measurements of iron metabolism biomarkers: new tools and remaining challenges.

Michael Bolshov, RussiaDiode laser absorption spectrometry as a tool for contactless diagnostic of a hot zone.

Claude Boutron, France: Determination of heavy metals at ultra-low concentration levels in pristine polar snow and ice.

Marcos N. Eberlin, Brazil: Mass spectrometry made easy: The quest for simplicity in forensic, food, pharmaceutical, environmental, medical and biochemical analysis.

Heiko Egenolf, Germany: “Think big!” – Optimization of a spectrometry lab on the industrial scale

Alexey V. Feofanov, RussiaConfocal spectral imaging technique in the development of photo- and neutronsensitizers for anticancer therapy.

Albert Kh. Gilmutdinov, Russia: 1. Numerical modeling of gas-dynamic and thermo-physical properties of plasma-chemical reactor for synthesis of nano-structures   2. Numerical modeling and experimental investigations of the inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometer interface

Alexander Grechnikov, Russia: SALDI mass-spectrometry: Principles and application for drug analysis.

Volker Hoffmann, Germany: Progress and demands in analytical glow discharges.

Alexander A. Kamnev, RussiaFTIR spectroscopy in microbial ecology: ‘shedding IR light’ on cellular metabolic responses to environmental factors.

Nadezhda Kudryasheva, Russia: Bioluminescent ecological assay. Features and scope of applications.

Sergey Nizkorodov, USA: Title to be confirmed.

Victor Norris, France: SIMS and the single cell.

Konstantin Ossipov, Russia: Title to be confirmed

Rosario Pereiro García, SpainPulsed glow discharge time of flight mass spectrometry: a powerful and versatile tool for elemental and molecular depth profile analysis.

Mihail Proskurnin, Russia: Analysis of topical biomedical and technological samples by photothermal and photoacoustic spectroscopies using signal-enhancement techniques and selective reactions.

Steven Ray, USA: Title to be confirmed.

Tobias Reich, Germany: Application of synchrotron microprobe techniques to speciation of plutonium in argillaceous rocks.

Lars-Otto Reiersen, Norway: Title to be confirmed.

Martin ResanoSpain: Solid sampling techniques for the direct elemental or isotopic analysis of dried matrix spots.

Igor A. Rodin, Russia: Liquid chromatography mass-spectrometry as a tool for detection of chemicals connected with chemical warfare agents in the environmental and bio samples.

Irina Snigireva, France: Coherent high energy X-ray microscopy: A new tool to study mesoscopic materials.

Stephan Weinbruch, Germany: Characterization of atmospheric aerosol particles by electron microscopy.

Renato Zenobi, Switzerland: Title to be confirmed.