Official Publisher

The Royal Society of Chemistry is honoured to be the official Publisher for papers from the XXXVIII Colloquium Spectroscopicum Internationale, in Tromsø, Norway. Papers will be published in a cross-section of journals namely Analytical Methods/Environmental Science: Processes & Impacts/RSC Advances and drawn together as a virtual collection from the conference on the web, in electronic form. All papers in the scope of the conference are welcome (reviews, primary research articles and communications) and all submissions will be subject to the normal peer-review procedures of RSC journals. Submissions from posters are also welcome – once they are written up as full papers.

Papers should meet the usual novelty and significance criteria of the relevant journals and be submitted electronically via the RSC web site (at and select the journal you wish to submit to from the drop-down box) within six weeks of the end of the conference with an indication that the paper was presented at the CSI Conference. Author Guidelines for our journals can be found at

Harp Minhas from RSC Publishing will be in attendance and will be happy to answer questions and give advice.