Social Program

The CSI-Club: Monday June 17, 19:00-24:00
ølhallenSponsors: Agilents Technologies and Matriks AS


The CSI-Club: Tuesday June 18, 19:00-24:00

                                                            at ØLHALLEN

The Ølhallen pub in Tromsø opened in1928 in the cellar of Macks Bryggeri, the most northerly brewery in the world. Here, in a world of what appears to be eternal candle-lit night, perched on wooden stools, every Tom, Dick and Harry in Tromsø takes his beer.This is no cool, trendy bar – Ølhallen is an original, in a class of its own.

As a CSI-participant you go to Ølhallen to drink beer, Mack beer. Mack’s entire selection is available, on draught, in bottles, or both. Regular Gullmack Pilsner, the heavier Håkon beer, the dark, malty Bayer beer and all the new kinds of beer are offered, but Ølhallen’s regulars swear by Blanding: two parts dark Bayer and one part light Pilsner.

Each CSI-participant is granted minimum two 0.5 L drafts free of charge! Cheaper beer is not available in town!

A selection of Peppes famous pizzas will also be served free of charge.

Ølhallen is at the southern end of Tromsø’s main street, Storgata 4, and is easy to find.


CSI 2013 Conference Dinner: Wednesday June 19, 19:00
Sponsors: Agilents Technologies and Matriks AS

                                                    at The FRAM CENTRE

After an introduction to the scientific activities at the FRAM CENTRE a seafood buffet dinner will be served. Non-alcoholic and alcoholic beverages are included.

 NOK 500 (not included in the registration fee)

The Fram Centre is based in Tromsø, and consists of about 500 scientists from 20 institutions involved in interdisciplinary research in the fields of natural science, technology and social sciences. FRAM contributes to maintaining Norway’s prominent status in the management of environment and natural resources in the North.