New CUBE3 team member!

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As of this week Bjarte Aarmo Lund joined CUBE3 as a postdoctoral researcher.

Bjarte finished his PhD in structural biology in 2017 on the topic of antibiotic resistance caused by serine β-lactamases. With a decade of experience Bjarte has worked on DNA polymerases, protein kinases and many other systems, focusing either on: Drug design (protein kinase, β-lactamases), enzyme engineering (DNA polymerase) and mechanistic understanding (β-lactamases). Bjartes main focus has been to understand the workings of enzymes by the use of protein crystallography, with over 50 structures deposited to the PDB so far. He has also used biophysical techniques such as surface plasmon resonance, differential scanning calorimetry and microscale thermophoresis to characterize several enzymes.In his research Bjarte has also used biochemical assays with UV/VIS spectrophotometers and he also has extensive experience with molecular biology.

In the CUBE3 project Bjarte will use his expertise doing experimental protein production and characterisation (read more) in close cooperation with the computational studies on biocatalytic evolution to extreme environments.

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