Mini-Symposium in honor Prof. Arieh Warshel becoming Doctor Honoris Causa at UiT

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In connection with Prof. Arieh Warshel (77) becoming doctor honoris causa at UiT the Arctict University of Tromsø, Bjørn Olav Brandsdal and Kenneth Ruud organised a mini-symposium with former PhD students of Arieh as invited speakers. The very interesting talks from yesterday (25.09.18) included:

Arieh Warshel Computer Modeling of Biomolecular Systems”

Johan Åqvist Entropy and Enzyme Catalysis”

Avital Shurk “Insights from Valence Bond – A Step Towards Rational Design

Tomasz Wesolowski “Opening a Pandora’s box with Professor Arieh Warshel: Frozen-Density Embedding Theory view on QM/MM methods

Edina Rosta “Dynamics and Reaction Mechanism of Phosphate Catalytic Enzymes


The talks with Warshel and Åqvist were streamed live and can be viewed here.

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