The Bristol VR lab will be replicated in Tromsø

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This week Geir and Bjørn Olav have visited Dr. David Glowacki and his virtual reality (VR) lab at the University of Bristol. After experiencing first hand real time interactive molecular dynamics (iMD), chemical reactions, docking, pulling, stretching and even tying knots with polypeptides, all in an virtual environment, there remains little doubt that this is the future of computational molecular sciences. Or as Dr. Glowacki puts it; “it’s like doing nano-surgery. After all, we are nano-engineers”.

Dr Geir Villy Isaksen
A very focused Dr. Isaksen successfully docking a ligand to neuroaminidase.
VR explained
How VR works in simple terms as explained by Dr. Glowacki.

VR docking
Prof. Brandsdal completing the docking task with ease.

It is therefor great news that we have started a collaboration with Dr. Glowacki and the Universtiy of Bristol. We have started the process of purchasing the necessary hardware in order to replicate the Bristol VR lab in Tromsø. When everything is set up, we will be able to go into VR, working on a new enzyme for example, in Tromsø and Bristol together. And, all the heavy computations will be performed in the cloud. How cool is that? We can not wait to get our own CUBE3 VR lab in Tromsø!


Check out some of Dr. Glowacki’s VR videos below here for sneak peak into the future.

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