Project meeting in Funäsdalen

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Project meeting in Funäsdalen 2019 In January 27 – 30 we went to Funäsdalen, Sweden, for the yearly CUBE3 project meeting. This year we were 5 participants from Tromsø (UiT – The Arctic University of Noway) and 4 from Uppsala … Continued

New CUBE3 team member!

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As of this week Bjarte Aarmo Lund joined CUBE3 as a postdoctoral researcher. Bjarte finished his PhD in structural biology in 2017 on the topic of antibiotic resistance caused by serine β-lactamases. With a decade of experience Bjarte has worked … Continued

VR lab in Bristol recently opened

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Tim Bowles, West of England Mayor, steps inside Virtual Reality to cut the molecular ribbon – officially opening the Bristol VR Lab. Ably narrated by CUBE3 collaborator Dr. David Glowacki of Interactive Scientific. We can not wait to get our … Continued

Blue or orange?

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Today we are debating over colours! Should it be blue or orange? The choice is yours!