Towards a European network of FAIR-enabling Trustworthy Digital Repositories (TDRs)

The working paper “Towards a European network of FAIR-enabling Trustworthy Digital Repositories (TDRs)”, which just has been published on Zenodo ( This paper is the initiative of a broad author team consisting of stakeholders from the European repository community. It details a vision of how the Network could be created and what next steps need to be taken to make this a reality. The paper was created in continuation of the workshop that was held in January 2022 (, in which a large part of the community indicated a desire for this Network.

The core of the paper describes the main functions the Network should have to address the main challenges in the community: Networking and knowledge exchange, stakeholder advocacy and engagement, and coordination and development. The functions and accompanying activities are described and depicted to show the potential of the Network. Next, the paper describes the steps that need to be taken to further detail and develop the Network, including membership, business model, and governance.

The paper was created with input from the European repository community, as a consultation questionnaire was extended to the community in June 2022. The published paper will serve as input for the EOSC Task Force on Long Term Digital Preservation ( One of the core activities mentioned in the charter of this Task Force is to produce recommendations on the creation of such a network.

UiT and DataverseNO are happy to have contributed to this paper. Thank you to Ingrid Dillo, Maaike Verburg, and Vasso Kalaitzi from DANS ( for initiating and coordinating this work!

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