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What is DataverseNO?

DataverseNO (https://dataverse.no/) is a national, generic repository for open research data, owned and operated by UiT The Arctic University of Norway. DataverseNO is aligned with the FAIR Guiding Principles for scientific data management and stewardship. The technical infrastructure of the repository is based on the open source application Dataverse, which is developed by an international developer and user community led by Harvard University.

For institutions

Norwegian research institutions can establish a partner agreement about using DataverseNO as a repository for open research data. Datasets from researchers affiliated with DataverseNO partner institutions are published in institutional collections of the type UiT Open Research Data (https://opendata.uit.no). Institutions wishing to test out DataverseNO can get access to a test instance.

UiT is responsible for training and support for collection managers at partner institutions, whereas the partner institutions are responsible for data curation and user support at their own institution. The DataverseNO training package for collection managers at partner institutions may e.g. consist of a one day training session at UiT focusing on distribution of responsibility, system, workflow incl. curation, as well as end user training. In addition, we can offer Skype training sessions and other presentations of DataverseNO to be agreed on. For more information, please contact us at research-data@support.uit.no.

The current DataverseNO partner institutions are listed on the DataverseNO Support page (map).

For individual researchers

Individual researchers affiliated with Norwegian research institutions that are not partners of DataverseNO are granted up to 10 GB storage space for free. More information about how to get started with the repository is available here. If you need more storage space or more information, please contact us at research-data@support.uit.no.

Data curation and preservation

To ensure that data deposited into DataverseNO comply with the DataverseNO policies and guidelines they are curated by qualified Research Data Service staff before they are published. Datasets in DataverseNO are equipped with persistent identifiers (so-called DOIs, Digital Object Identifiers). DOIs serve as unique references to datasets, and they make the datasets searchable in discovery services like B2FIND – EUDAT, Bielefeld Academic Search Engine (BASE), DataCite Search, Google Dataset Search, and Oria.

DataverseNO commits to long-term preservation of data published in the repository as described in the DataverseNO Preservation Policy.

Metadata harvesting
Organization of DataverseNO

The organization of DataverseNO is outlined in the DataverseNO Organization Chart, and is explained in the sections below.


The organization, including repository structure, governance, data curation, and Designated Community, of DataverseNO is regulated in the following documents:


Each partner institution is assigned its own institutional collection within the DataverseNO repository. The division of responsibilities between UiT The Arctic University of Norway (owner of DataverseNO) and the DataverseNO partner institutions is regulated in partner agreements.

Another type of collection within DataverseNO are special collections, which may be project-based and/or a subject-based. Such collections may be open for contribution from researchers outside Norwegian institutions. TROLLing – The Tromsø Repository of Language and Linguistics is a thematic collection, and currently the only special collection in DataverseNO. All special collections within DataverseNO are at the full responsibility of a DataverseNO partner institution. The creation of special collections must be approved by DataverseNO.


Ownership/hosting institution

DataverseNO is a repository owned and operated by UiT The Arctic University of Norway, and offered as a service to other institutions, and to individual researchers from research institutions in Norway. UiT The Arctic University of Norway is part of the national, governmental higher education and research system, as a state-owned university under the ultimate responsibility of the Norwegian Ministry of Education and Research.


The Board for DataverseNO have the overall responsibility for DataverseNO, with a mandate provided by the University Management of UiT The Arctic University of Norway.

Advisory Committees

Collections within DataverseNO may have their own advisory committees which give advice to the collection managers as well as to the Board of DataverseNO on high-level aspects of the operation and development of the collection at stake as well as the entire repository. The Designated Community may raise high-level or general issues with representatives from the advisory committee of the collection at stake by contacting them directly. Currently, only TROLLing has formally established an advisory committee, the TROLLing Scientific Advisory Board. The TROLLing Scientific Advisory Board provide their advice to the managers of TROLLing.

The operation of institutional collections is embedded in the research support services and endorsed by the institutional management at the DataverseNO partner institutions. At each partner institution, there are procedures and venues in place where research support units, such as the University Library, discuss issues with representatives from the different research communities at the institution. Feedback from such discussions is provided to the managers of the institutional collections. On their part, managers for institutional collections discuss advice and feedback from the user groups of their institutional collections, including the collections contained in these, in the Advisory Committee for DataverseNO. This committee, illustrated with the blue box in the middle of the GOVERNANCE section of the DataverseNO Organization Chart, consists of representatives from all DataverseNO partner institutions (usually the collection managers), and the managers of DataverseNO. The members of the DataverseNO Advisory Committee meet at least twice a year to discuss issues concerning the organization of DataverseNO, including governance, policies and guidelines, repository structure and operation (including functionality), data curation, and issues raised by the Designated Community. Requests and advice from the DataverseNO Advisory Committee are communicated to the Board of DataverseNO and to the managers of the institutional collections by the Repository Management.


Repository Management

The management and operation of DataverseNO are carried out by staff from the Library, the IT department and the Research administration at UiT The Arctic University of Norway.

The repository is managed by staff from the University Library and the IT department. They are responsible for the management, maintenance, development and the daily operation of the repository, and they take care of the DataverseNO policies and guidelines, communication with the Board of DataverseNO, communication with and training of collection managers, the operation of the DataverseNO Advisory Committee, the configuration of the repository, establishment and configuration of institutional collections, user management, the implementation of new functionality and procedures to be used in the repository, preservation planning, and the certification of the repository.

Collection Management

Institutional Collections

The managers of institutional collections within DataverseNO are responsible for the management and operation of the collection, including compliance of the institutional collection and underlying collections with the DataverseNO policies and guidelines, user management of collection curators, training of and communication with collection curators, establishment and configuration of underlying collections, communication with DataverseNO repository management, communication with the management and the user groups at the partner institution, representing the collection in the DataverseNO Advisory Committee.

Special Collections

The managers of special collections have many of the same responsibilities as institutional collection managers, but limited to the scope of the collection. They communicate with the advisory committee for the collection – if applicable. Currently, TROLLing is the only special collection in DataverseNO.


Data curation is carried out by data curators at the DataverseNO partner institutions. Datasets deposited in the top-level collection are curated by data curators at UiT The Arctic University of Norway (owner of DataverseNO). Data curators are staff members employed at the partner institutions, usually at the library of the institution. Data curators are responsible for ensuring that data published in each collection within DataverseNO (including the top-level collection) are curated according to the DataverseNO policies and guidelines, and in line with best practice recommendations and the needs of the different user communities at stake. Curators communicate with the different user communities represented in the collection(s) they curate, e.g. during curation, but also through other channels and in other venues. Curators also communicate with the management of their collection, and with curators of other collections within DataverseNO.


Since the DataverseNO repository provides free and open access to its collections, the Designated Community of the repository consists of both data contributors and data users. Data users include primarily researchers and research institutions, but also any other stakeholders in society reliant on access to knowledge, e.g. journalists, teachers, industry as well as the greater public. The interaction between data users and the repository happens primarily through direct contact with the contact person(s) for each dataset, and through the general contact information provided for each collection.

In a more narrow sense, the Designated Community of DataverseNO can be described as the different user groups that in addition to being data users also are data contributors to the repository. As outlined in the DataverseNO Organization Chart , these user groups fall into three main categories:

  1. researchers from Norwegian research institutions that are partners of DataverseNO
  2. researchers working within the scope of any special collection within the DataverseNO repository
  3. researchers from Norwegian research institutions that are not partner of DataverseNO

Each collection is organized and managed in a way that ensures that the needs of the user group are met to the largest possible extent.


Contact us at research-data@support.uit.no for more information about DataverseNO.

New user? See the section Create a user account here.


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