DataverseNO Deaccession Procedure

Purpose of this Policy

This document outlines the procedure for Deaccessioning Data Files and Metadata Files published in DataverseNO.


DataverseNO may Deaccession a published Dataset from the repository for a compelling reason. Compelling reasons include, but are not limited to, failure to meet the Criteria for Depositing outlined in the DataverseNO Accession Policy, detection of malware in deposited files, violations of copyright or publisher policy, violations of contracts (e.g., Nondisclosure Agreement, Material Transfer Agreement, etc.), research misconduct (e.g., plagiarism, fabrication or falsification of data, etc.), legal requirements, national security, or situations that violate the General guidelines for research ethics, as well as subject-specific guidelines, from the Norwegian National Committees for Research Ethics (see here).

Datasets may not be Deaccessioned because the Depositor or Creator is moving to another institution. Creators have the right to provide additional copies to other institutions under the non-exclusive DataverseNO Deposit Agreement.

All Deaccession requests must be submitted to These will be reviewed by Research Data Service staff who may contact the requestor for more information. If the request is submitted by a third party or the decision to Deaccession is made by the Research Data Service staff, the Long-Term Contact Person and the Depositor will be notified of the request through the registered contact information DataverseNO has on record. Research Data Service staff are not responsible for resolving legal disputes, but will refer to the mediation authorities at the respective DataverseNO partner institution.

Data Files and/or Metadata Files associated with a Deaccessioned Dataset are removed from the public view and are no longer available for download. According to the requirements of DataCite (DOI provider), the metadata record (landing page) of the Dataset will be retained, but a statement of Deaccession will be added to the metadata record. In many cases, Deaccession results in suppression of public access to Data Files and/or Metadata Files, even when the entire Dataset will be retained within our systems for the sake of Provenance. In rarer cases, the Research Data Service staff may be compelled to delete all or part of a Dataset altogether. The Research Data Service staff will refer to the DataverseNO Deaccession Guidelines to respond to the varying circumstances under which Deaccession may occur.

Deaccession of Dataset Drafts

In order to ensure sustainability of technological and storage resources, the Research Data Service staff retain the right to delete initiated Datasets that have remained in draft state in DataverseNO in excess of 12 months. A good faith effort to contact the Depositor through the registered contact information on record in DataverseNO will be made prior to deletion.


Illinois Data Bank. Illinois Data Bank Policy Framework and Definitions.

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Policy Document History and Version Control Table

Version Action Approved By Action Date
1.0 Policy issued. Board of DataverseNO 2018-06-21
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