Dataset #300 in DataverseNO just published – congratulation to NMBU Open Research Data

DataverseNO just reached dataset #300 and send congratulation to Nicolay Worren, The Norwegian University of Life Sciences (NMBU), which became number 300 with his dataset “Organization design practitioner study data set” –

Datasets in DataverseNO now included in the discovery service B2FIND

Datasets in DataverseNO now included in the discovery service B2FIND
B2FIND is a discovery service based on metadata steadily harvested from research data collections from EUDAT data centres and other repositories, that now also includes DataverseNO with all its sub-archives. The B2FIND service includes metadata that is harvested from many different community repositories and offers faceted browsing. B2FIND:

10 GB free storage for archiving and publishing of datasets in DataverseNO

DataverseNO extends its data archiving service for archiving and publishing datasets in DataverseNO within 10 GB  for all researchers with Feide-ID. Contact if this restriction causes problems. This is a free offer primarily intended to cover the need for an open data archive in those cases where publishers of a publication require data to ...

Tromsø Geophysical Observatory (TGO) – A new collection in UiT Open Research Data

We congratulate TGO on the first dataset ( in this collection, which will include the long-time geophysical series of measurements that the University of Tromsø took over responsibility for in 1972. Among other things, TGO monitors of the upper part of the Earth’s atmosphere – the ionosphere – with its microwave radar in Ramfjordmoen East ...

Tromsø Geofysiske Observatorium (TGO) – en ny samling i UiT Open Research Data

Vi gratulerer TGO med det første datasettet ( i samlingen som skal omfatte de lange geofysiske måleseriene som Universitetet i Tromsø overtok ansvaret for i 1972. TGO foretar blant annet overvåking av den øverste delen av jordatmosfæren – ionosfæren – med sin kortbølgeradar på Ramfjordmoen like øst for Tromsø. Denne måleserien ble startet i 1932 ...

Dataset no. 200 published in DataverseNO

Hans Chr. Eilertsen, Ulf Normann, and Rahman Mankettikkara from UiT The Arctic University of Norway have just published a new dataset in UiT Open Research Data: Hydrographic data from Northern Norwegian fjords – 2010 The dataset is part of  a larger time series in the NMDC Node UiT, havervested i.a. by the Norwegian Marine Data Centre ...

The Norwegian University of Life Sciences (NMBU) new partner institution in DataverseNO

UiT welcomes NMBU as a partner institution of DataverseNO. We are looking forward to cooperating with one of the leading research institutions in Norway on archiving and sharing open research data from HE institutions in Norway.  

New collection with marine photos just published in UiT Open Research Data

Norwegian Marine Data Centre (NMDC) is a national infrastructure for archiving and access to marine data. UiT is one of several partners within NMDC, and the first 57 NMDC datasets generated from UiT are now archived in UiT Open Research Data, in a designated collection for NMDC at UiT. These datasets are time series of ...

New Dataverse installation in Europe

AUSSDA – The Austrian Social Science Data Archive: «Our dataverse installation is now live and we are beginning the process of migrating about 700 old Nesstar DDI2.5 records into our new platform (»

Dataset No. 100 published in DataverseNO

We congratulate Robert T. Barrett, UiT with “Tromsø Museum seabird photoarchive”, doi:10.18710/ZNAHWI, DataverseNO, V1