How to get to the locations?

In general, it’s easy to get from A to B by bus. This is a lot cheaper than to take a taxi.

The bus driver sells tickets on board, but he just takes cash (NOK). A single ticket is 40 NOK, a day ticket 90 NOK (valid for 24h). If you have the chance, you can buy tickets in advance, for example at the airport shop in the arrival hall or in the city center (the bus company’s office, Narvesen at the main square…). Single tickets bought in advance are 30 NOK, a day ticket 70 NOK. Keep your ticket during the bus ride.

If you want to take a taxi, your hotel reception can call it for you. Sydspissen- University will be at least 200 NOK, city center-University approx. 150 NOK, city center- Sydspissen approx. 150 NOK.

Tromsø Museum/University Museum

From Sydspissen hotel:

Follow the main street (Strandvegen) to the left, follow the street for 400m. Turn right into Mellomvegen, take the first street up the the left, the Museum is on the left hand side. (in total 800m, 10-15min walking).  Want to follow a map? Click here: Map

From Rica Grand/Smart Hotel (City center):

Take bus 37 ( “Tromsø Museum”). The bus leaves from Fr. Langes Gate at 17:10 and 17:40 and takes 8min. Get off the bus at “Tromsø Museum” and follow the street up, the museum is at the left hand side. Want to check the map? Click here: Map

University of Tromsø

From Sydspissen hotel:

Take bus no.34 from “Sydspissen” to the University. The bus says “UIT-UNN”.

Go towards the main street from your hotel. Follow the main street a couple of meters to the left. There is a bus stop on each side of the street, yours is the one on the opposite side of the street. The bus runs every 10 minutes early in the morning. You can take the bus at 7:56, 8:06 or 8:16 to get to the University in time for the registration. The bus ride takes 21min. Get off at “UiT/ISV”, that’s the bus stop after you passed the rocketshaped planetarium on the campus.

From the city center:

Take bus 20 or 21. They run every 5 minutes in the morning, the ride takes 10min. Follow the main street towards the pedestrian part. At the beginning of the pedestrian part, you can see a lot of bus stops. Bus 20/21 stop at the upper bus stop. Get off at “UiT/ISV”, that’s the bus stop after you passed the rocketshaped planetarium on the campus.

Sydspissen hotel:

From the University:

Take Bus 34 (“Sentrum via Fagereng”) from the University campus. The ride takes 21minutes, your bus stop is called “Sydspissen”.

From the city center:

Take Bus 34 (“UIT-UNN”) from Sjøgata (on the opposite site of the northern norwegian art museum, italian restaurant). The ride takes approx. 10min, your bus stop is “Sydspissen”. Saturday morning: 09:10 and 09:40 from Sjøgata.