Travel to Tromsø

By air: Tromsø is situated at almost 70 degrees north, far above the Arctic Circle. If you are travelling to Tromsø from abroad, Oslo is the hub. There are several daily flights from Oslo to Tromsø. The flight time is 1 h. 50 min. Tromsø’s airport code is TOS.

Major airlines connecting U.S./Canada and Norway are SAS, KLM, Lufthansa, Icelandair, Air France and Air Canada. From Europe, there are flights to Oslo from various airports including London, Manchester, Berlin, Munich, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Düsseldorf, Amsterdam, Brussels, Paris, Helsinki, Stockholm, Copenhagen, Reykjavik, Milan, Madrid, Prague, Riga, Warsaw, Budapest, and Vienna.

Tromsø International Airport is situated 5 km from the town centre. There are flights to all major cities and towns in Norway, including Spitsbergen,  as well as international flights according to season.

You can book domestic flights through the airlines Norwegian Air Shuttle (NAS) or Scandinavian Airlines (SAS). Norwegian is generally reliable and has the lowest fares. Norwegian will also have direct flights between Tromsø and London next summer.

NB: If the University of Tromsø is reimbursing your flight, you have to use Norwegian (NAS) for your domestic flight. However, this rule does not apply if using Norwegian involves waiting for more than one hour for a connecting domestic flight. Then you may use SAS. For transfers from abroad: Note that Norwegian is a “point to point” airline company and generally takes no responsibility for you to get on to your connecting flight.

Airport express buses run to all major hotels in the city center, and some also directly to the University campus. (If you are going to the Scandic hotel, please notify the driver). Taxis: Join the queue outside, make sure you are visible to the camera if there are no taxis waiting, and a taxi will arrive shortly. Phone number: 77 60 30 00. Cost to the town center: Approximately NOK 150-200.

By car: For directions, check Google maps.

By boat: The Coastal Steamer (Hurtigruten) is generally considered to be the world’s most beautiful voyage, and is an excellent way of going to Tromsø – if you have the time and the money. The Costal Steamer sails from Bergen (northbound) and Kirkenes (southbound) every day. Check Hurtigruten for more information.

By bus: Express buses connect Tromsø and major cities in Northern Norway, especially Narvik (appr. 4 hours), from where you can go by train to Stockholm (if you have more time than money). For schedules, check NorWay Bus Express.