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Every second year FAO’s Fisheries and Aquaculture division issues a new SOFIA-report. SOFIA is an abbreviation for “The State of World Fisheries and Aquaculture”. The 2016 edition has a new graphical look but the main content (tables and figures) follows the previous editions, prolonging the previous time series of capture and aquaculture production.

The 2016-version also confirms that the world catches remain stable at slightly more than 80 million tons captured marine fish. The figure above show how the world catches are distributed on the world’s fishing nations, China by far being the largest (fishing close to 15 million tons alone).

The FAO statistics are easily available online and can be downloaded as spreadsheets in the resolution that fits your needs. The figure has been created by Mathematica from data in a spreadsheet downloaded from this service. The Mathematica code generating the plot is this:

worldcatch = Import["world_catches.xlsx"][[1]];

worldcatch = worldcatch /. {"Russian Federation" -> "Russia", "CÃ\.b4te d'Ivoire" -> "IvoryCoast", "Viet Nam" -> "Vietnam", "Korea, Republic of" -> "SouthKorea", "Korea, Dem. People's Rep" -> "NorthKorea", "Tanzania, United Rep. of" -> "Tanzania", "Taiwan Province of China" -> "Taiwan", "Iran (Islamic Rep. of)" -> "Iran", "Venezuela, Boliv Rep of" -> "Venezuela", "United States of America" -> "UnitedStates", "Congo, Dem. Rep. of the" -> "RepublicCongo", "US Virgin Islands" -> "UnitedStatesVirginIslands", "St. Pierre and Miquelon" -> "SaintPierreMiquelon", "China, Hong Kong SAR" -> "HongKong", "Curaçao" -> "Curacao", "China, Macao SAR" -> "Macau", "Sao Tome and Principe" -> "SaoTomePrincipe",
"Turks and Caicos Is." -> "TurksCaicosIslands", "Saint Vincent/Grenadines" -> "SaintVincentGrenadines", "Falkland Is.(Malvinas)" -> "FalklandIslands","British Virgin Islands" -> "BritishVirginIslands", "Micronesia, Fed.States of" -> "Micronesia", "Réunion" -> "Reunion", "French Polynesia" -> "FrenchPolynesia","Fiji, Republic of" -> "Fiji", "Northern Mariana Is." -> "NorthernMarianaIslands","Wallis and Futuna Is." -> "WallisFutuna", "New Zealand" -> "NewZealand", "South Africa" -> "SouthAfrica", "Cabo Verde" -> "CapeVerde", "Cayman Islands" -> "CaymanIslands","American Samoa" -> "AmericanSamoa", "Brunei Darussalam" -> "Brunei", "Dominican Republic" -> "DominicanRepublic", "El Salvador" -> "ElSalvador", "Equatorial Guinea" -> "EquatorialGuinea", "Faroe Islands" -> "FaroeIslands", "Guinea-Bissau" -> "GuineaBissau", "Isle of Man" -> "IsleOfMan", "Marshall Islands" -> "MarshallIslands", "New Caledonia" -> "NewCaledonia", "Papua New Guinea" -> "PapuaNewGuinea", "Sierra Leone" -> "SierraLeone", "Solomon Islands" -> "SolomonIslands", "Sri Lanka" -> "SriLanka", "Timor-Leste" -> "EastTimor", "Trinidad and Tobago" -> "TrinidadTobago", "United Arab Emirates" -> "UnitedArabEmirates", "United Kingdom" -> "UnitedKingdom"};

catchrule = (# /. {List -> Rule}) & /@ worldcatch;

Row[{Graphics[{EdgeForm[Gray], Catch[ ColorData["Rainbow"][Log[1 + 1.71*
If[MemberQ[Transpose[worldcatch][[1]], #[[2]]], #[[2]] /. catchrule, 0]/max*2.]]],
CountryData[#, "SchematicPolygon"]} & /@ CountryData[], ImageSize -> 1000],
BarLegend[{ColorData["Rainbow"][Log[1 + 1.71*#*1000000/max*2.]] & /@ Range[0, 9, 1], {0, 9}}, Range[0, 9, 1], LegendLabel -> "Country catch\nin million tons"]}]


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