Who runs this website?

The author of this site is Marina Pantcheva. She works as an English language advisor at the Faculty of Humanities, Social Sciences and Education at  UiT–The Arctic University of Norway. The webpage is under constant development, so keep checking it regularly for new articles.

How can I use this website?

The website is intended to provide information about tricky and generally problematic aspects of the English language, for example, how to use the semicolon, when to use nor, or where to place the adverb in the sentence. The website contains several main categories—Grammar, Punctuation, Words and Style—with several articles in each category.

I do not find an answer to my question. Whom can I ask?

Any questions about English usage and this website can be sent to the English language advisor at HSL-Faculty.

What does an English language advisor do?

The main task of the English language advisor is to ensure that the texts produced at HSL-Faculty are written in clear and correct English. This is achieved by:

  • raising the English language competence of the academic, administrative, and management staff;
  • proofreading and improving the style of high-priority texts.

Which texts are high priority?

Examples of high-priority texts are:

  • grant proposals;
  • applications for funding;
  • key administrative documents;
  • text published on the Faculty webpage;
  • information material;
  • official letters.

What kind of texts cannot be proofread by the language advisor?

Proofreading of scientific articles, PhD dissertations, unofficial reports, and other types of voluminous and/or unofficial texts cannot be taken on by the language advisor due to time limitations.

I have a text that needs proofreading, but it does not fit in any of the above-mentioned categories.

Do not hesitate to send an inquiry.

Can you help me if I am not from HSL-Faculty?

If you have a question about a particular aspect of English usage and grammar, feel free to send it. The answer will be mailed back to you and may also be published on the website. Proofreading and language checks are reserved for employees at the HSL-Faculty only.

How long does it take to proofread a grant proposal?

A grant proposal may take between one and three days to proofread and check for style, structure, and clarity. If you do not have that much time, consider sending at least the project summary for a language check.

Where did you find the cartoons?

The cartoons for this webpage are purchased from online cartoon databases.

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