The EPSE project is about educational activities predominantly, but it also works as a platform for research cooperation. Added value, such as related publications by project members, will be posted here.

Related activities

  • EPSE partner Cholpon Chotaeva from AUCA was keynote speaker at the Nordic Institute for Asian Studies, NIAS, conference ASIA ON THE MOVE, hosted by UiT/CPS in Tromsø on November 5-7, 2018. The title of her address was The Effect of Chinese Economic Policy on Everyday Life in Kyrgyzstan. She also took part as teaching professor at the consecutive NIAS PhD course on board the coastal steamer Hurtigruten on November 7-9.
  • Archil Abashidze participated in VIII Scientific Conference “Problems of Political Psychology and its Role in the Formation Citizenof the Ukrainian State” (October, 12-13, 2017)
  • As a result of EPSE student exchange between AUCA and Tromso, Ruslan Leontyev presented his video project *made in Tromso in June 2018) at Anthropology Club in October 2018:
    1. “Guevara and Dumpster Diving: small initiatives to save the world and save the money”. The video tells the story of a diverse community of students in Tromso who embraced socialism philosophy. Trying to survive in harsh capitalistic environment of Norway, they pick up food from garbage.
  • As a result of undergraduate and master students’ anthropological fieldwork to Kiev, Ukraine, in June 2019, the following projects were presented at Anthropological Student Conference in November 2019:
    1. “Search of identity through memories: case study of Kiev” Almagul Aisarieva, American University of Central Asia
    2. “Image of the Maidan: ethno-cultural symbols” Gulzat Ibraeva, American University of Central Asia
    3. “Street-Art of Kiev” Samat Durusbekov, American University of Central Asia
    4. “Art of Ukraine through national Academy of Fine Arts and Architecture” Aruzhan Abylkhan, American University of Central Asia
    5. “Education impacts on polygamy practices in Saudi Arabia” Monera Al Enzi, American University of Central Asia
    6. “Status quo of members of LGBT community in Kiev” Liia Sozashvili, American University of Central Asia
    7. “Minority food culture: vegan spaces-cafes in Kiev” Begimai Tuilegenova, American University of Central Asia
  • Guest lecture of Giorgi Gvalia (Professor of Politics and International Relations, PhD in Political Science, Dean of School of Arts and Sciences, Ilia State University (Tbilisi, Georgia)) in Institute for Social and Political Psychology of NAES of Ukraine “Pro-Western Orientation: Georgia’s Paradigm” (July, 23, 2019)
  • In connection to the EPSE closing staff-meeting in Tromsø 18-19 November 2019, a Seminar on interconnected maritime security in the Barents, Baltic and Black Sea was held on November 20-22. Most of the EPE partners stayed on to participate:
  • Establishment  of an online course in Peace Studies by AUCA (2020), chaired by Cholpon Chotaeva, with contributing lectures by EPSE participants Archil Abashidze, Denys Kuzmin, Christine Smith-Simonsen and Yumi Takahashi



  • Report by Anna Kreikemeyer (IFSH) on Peace Research in Europe and Eurasia, Osnabrück 2017: Prospects for Peace Research in Central Asia:Between Discourses of Danger, Normative Divides and Global Challenges
  • Article by Iryna Hubeladze (2017): “Models of family relationship in condition of military conflict” in American Journal for Fundamental, Applied & Experimental Research. NY, p.42–45
  • Article by Archil Abashidze (2017): “Is volunteerism experiencing growth in Georgia? Assessment before and after the flood in Tbilisi on 13 June, 2015” in Problems of Political Psychology. Volume 5(19). 247-259.
  • Article by Victoria Baliuta (2018): “Illusion of Understanding as a Psychological Factor Inflaming Youth Radical Political Behaviour”. Теорія і практика сучасної психології : збірник наукових праць, 2, 227-230
  • Article Valeria Lazarenko (November 2018): “Conflict in Ukraine. Multiplicity of narratives about the war and displacement”, in European Politics and Society,   DOI: 
  • Article by Iryna Borovynska (2019): “The sense of community belonging among internally displaced persons with high level of life successfulness”:
  • Article Valeria Lazarenko (February 2020): “Mapping identities: Narratives of displacement in Ukraine” in Emotion, Space and Society. DOI: 
  • Article by Anna Krekemeyer (2020): “Studying Peace in and with Central Eurasia: Starting from Local and Trans-Local Perspectives” in Journal of Intervention and Statebuilding, 14:4, 465-482, DOI: 10.1080/17502977.2020.1786931 
  • Article by Archil Abashidze and Giorgi Gvalia (2020) A Cost-Benefit Analysis of Border Corruption in the Conflict Regions in Georgia and Moldova. European Scientific Journal, ESJ16(11), 46, DOI: 10.19044/esj.2020.v16n11p46
  • Blogpost by IFSH on how EPSE was part of lifting their Eurasia collaborations of the ground  
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