Fieldwork in Bøkfjord and Repparfjord

Multi-corer filled with sediments

Multi-corer filled with sediments.

During November 2016, EWMA visited Bøkfjorden and Repparfjorden to continue our research on effects of mine tailing in north Norwegian fjord systems. In Bøkfjorden we successfully sampled  from inner to outer fjord and looked on bathymetry traces of the tailings. We also captured a selection of fishes and bottom living organisms to investigate if pollution in bottom sediment enter the food chain. We were lucky to be invited to join the Institute of marine research on their yearly coastal cruise in northern Norway. We got to sample replicates in Repparfjord, and also deploy two current meters, that for three months will measure currents  in the area planned for future deposition of tailing from Nussir activity.

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