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Biological effects of petroleum related compounds on sub-Arctic and Arctic marine organisms.

Prosesser i arktisk petroleumsrelatert forurensing:  langsiktig virkning, næringsoverføring, effekter og akkumulering i marine arter.

Ansvarlig: Paul F. Wassmann BFE fakultetet, Universitetet i Tromsø

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Deposition of drill cuttings in the Barents Sea:

The main goal is to increase knowledge about how cuttings will spreadwhen deposited on the seabed, and to forecast how the contaminants in sediments could be a future source of pollution.

The Department of Geology, University of Tromsø: Morten Hald, Juho Junttila, Dijkstra Noortje, Jo Lynn Carroll

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Mobile electrochemical remediation:

The main goal of this project is to develop mobile test and remedies devices to be used in areas with difficult access.

Project Owner: Department of Chemistry, University of Tromsø.

Responsible:  Tore Lejon, Kristine B. Pedersen (Department of Chemistry, University of Tromsø),  Pernille Erland Jensen (Danish Technological Research University, Copenhagen).

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Sediment behavior and capping Technology, sedimentation and settling modeling.

Development of improved capping methods of contaminated sediments.

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Methodological guidelines for development of best practices for participatory industrial waste management in Arctic and Sub-Arctic areas, a Norwegian model.


-Hvordan overføre risiko ledelse/ prinsipper fra individuelle næringer til et komplekst systemisk nivå

-Sporbarhet og sertifisering som kontrollverktøy.

-Betydningen av kommunikasjonssystemer mellom myndigheter, industri og det sivile samfunn.
Melania Borit, Petter Holm Universitetet i tromsø

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Weathering rates of pollutants and use of drilling fluids as molecular indicators in the Arctic:

Responsible: Ola Engelsen Norwegian intitute for air research and Jan Scwazbauer RWTH-Aachen Germany

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Separation and treatment of pollution

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( Ballast water, oil spill response, waste treatment and bioremediation)

The intention of this workpackage is to take the knowledge developed through the contract research activities at Northern Research Institute Narvik and generalise and tailor it for use in educational courses, and for generating further research projects. Four main thematic areas were identified, which form the basis for grouping research activities:
Ballast water treatment
Oil spill response
Waste treatment

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Framework for Risk Based Analysis to identify suitable alternatives for waste handling and management in the High North


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