Dialogues and Outreach

EWMA Dialogues and Outreach
Dialogue meeting between project participants, industry representatives, Governmental Management representatives and stakeholders at large. Dialogues involve workshops with small groups of 15-20 participants to ensure a fluid dialogue. Participants from industry, government and academia with background relevant to the topic and whose operating environment and responsibilities lend themselves to experiences in the area, are invited by EWMA to participate. UiT and Prof Paul F. Wassmann together with the Resource Group (project management and WP leaders) will host the EWMA Dialogues.

The ultimate goal of the EWMA Dialogues is to keep a constant and constructive focus on our overall ambition – to develop a SFI (or similar) proposal at the end of the EWMA period. In order to achieve this, we need a close and constructive dialogue with stakeholders as well as retaining a general awareness of this goal among the involved researchers. The EWMA Dialogues will be an important tool to expand the network of industrial partners engaging themselves in EWMA research.