This work package will integrate the existing expertise and positions within EWMA, into studies at UiT/BFE and UNIS (The University center in Svalbard) and courses including bachelor, master and PhD level.

Courses that will use the EWMA expertise in particular are:
– BIO 200x Environmental challenges and petromaritime industry
– BIO 3009 Arctic marine pollution
– BIO 8015 Arctic Marine Pollution
– BIO3007 A practical introduction to environmental monitoring
– AT 333 Arctic Petroleum Sciences (UNIS).

Highlighted target areas:

  • Task I:
    Establish a successful Bachelor program with high recruitment by 2017, including the implementation of two new courses using EWMA expertise.
  • Task II:
    Integrate expertise and research from WP1 and 2 into the teaching portfolio, especially through the course “Environmental challenges and petromaritime industry” that will run annually from autumn 2016
  • Task III:
    Ensure maximum synergies are created through the education connected with: EWMA, ARCEx, CAGE, especially through involvement in a joint course at UNIS “Arctic Petroleum Sciences” AT-333.


  • Resources

Two associated professors; Sophie Bourgeon and Jasmine Nahrgang AMB UiT.

  • WP-Leader is Jasmin Nahrgang Department of Arctic and marine biology UiT.