named after M.V. Lomonosov

Brief Introduction
NArFU was established in June 2010 by merging a number of leading Arkhangelsk higher educational institutions. It includes 7 higher schools, 2 institutes, 3 colleges and 3 branches providing educational services to over 17,000 students. Staff consists of over 1160 lecturers. NArFU has more than 70 agreements of international cooperation with partner universities.

As a federal university NArFU develops a system of higher professional education that will optimize regional educational structures and strengthen links between educational institutions and economic and social spheres in the North-West of Russia.

Educational and Research Activities
One of the major NArFU research focuses is the Arctic development. Core areas of NArFU academic focus are high technologies and knowledge-intensive sectors, infrastructure development and Northern Sea Route, natural resources management, environmental protection and climate change, health and well-being, social sphere and human resources in the High North.

Applicants to the University may choose from a wide variety of academic programs:

  • around 240 bachelor’s, master’s and postgraduate programs in engineering, natural sciences and humanities;
  • 6 international and 15 student exchange programs;
  • 70 courses taught in English;
  • Internships in fellow universities abroad;
  • NArFU one-year Foundation Program

Priority research fields: Environment of the Arctic areas, Construction and energy in cold climate, Chemistry and biotechnology, Human dimension in the Arctic, Mineral resources of the Arctic areas, Shipbuilding and ship repairing, Information technologies.

As a fast developing international school for science and education, NArFU is involved in numerous unique research projects using the most sophisticated equipment. Since 2012 NArFU organizes the marine research and education project “Arctic Floating University”. Its objectives are to preserve the Arctic environment and to ensure the sustainable development of the region. All expeditions of the project are implemented on board the research vessel “Professor Molchanov”.

International Activities
NArFU is an international university with over 160 partner organizations and companies all over the world. It is implementing more than 100 cooperation agreements with educational institutions, research centers, companies, diplomatic missions from 31 countries. 800 international students from 62 countries are studying at the University. NArFU achieves its agenda for the Arctic cross-border cooperation on three main platforms, each of which is designed to foster partnership relations among northern areas and their universities: Barents Euro-Arctic Region (BEAR); Arctic Council member states and the Arctic Council observer states; and Northern Dimension of the European Union.