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PhD course Political Ecology 2007

PhD course Political Ecology 2007

Political Ecology in Marine and Terrestrial Contexts – The Social Science of Natural Resource Management
Time: April 23-24, 2007
Place: Room 1.323, Teorifagbygget, House 1

Centre for Sami Studies and Centre for Marine Resource Management at the Norwegian College of Fishery Science, University of Tromsø are inviting to the PhD course

Political Ecology in Marine and Terrestrial Contexts – The Social Science of Natural Resource Management.

The PhD course is taking place inside the framework of the SARVVIS and FÁVLLIS networks hosted by the Centre for Sami Studies.

SARVVIS (the Sami name for a fullgrown reindeer ox, but also the name of the largest star constellation on the northern sky) is a network for promoting natural and social science research on reindeer husbandry and resource management. The aims are

a) to explore rangeland ecology and ecosystems change in circumpolar areas

b) exploring the cultural landscapes, knowledge and cosmologies of nomadic reindeer herders who depend on these ecosystems, and

c) exploring social, political, economic, legal and organisational issues associated with reindeer husbandry and the management of pastures as a common pool resource.

FÁVLLIS (a Sami word that can mean “out on the sea”) is an interdisciplinary research network on fisheries in a sami context. The network is directed at ecological processes in Sami coastal and fjord areas while relating this to questions of management, administration and rights. Regional conditions are placed in the context of international concern for sustainable development and biodiversity.

The focus of this PhD-course is to offer a meeting place for PhD students working with reindeer husbandry, fishery management, ecosystems and management regimes. The course will offer a multidisciplinary analysis of these regimes and try to pinpoint the latest research results.

Lectures will be given, and discussions conducted, in English. The course will give 5 point credit. Students must complete a paper by 17 September 2007. Please send it as an attachment by e-mail to: and

Programme and reading list, see right meny on this web site.

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