Fieldwork in Cuddalore , India

A glimpse of fieldwork in Cuddalore, India.

Captive Jetty constructed off shore in Pudukuppam village by IL&FS Tamilnadu Power Corporation Limited (ITPCL)
A view of IL&FS Tamilnadu Power Corporation Limited (ITPCL)
Researchers conducting focus group interview in Pettodai, Cuddalore
Back-water boat landing in Killai village
A Shrimp farm in Radhavillagam
Off-season morning fisher vending women in Cuddalore fishing harbour
An Irula tribe of killai engaged in gleaning crusteceans and molluscs
A traditionally used wooden catamanran in still being used in coastal villages of Cuddalore
A middle aged female processing and drying fish in Modasalodai fishing habour area
Photo taken during the survey in Pichavaram mangrove forest, Cuddalore
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