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Flere språk til flere (more languages to more people)

FSF Board:

We are researchers at the AcqVA AuroraCenter at the Department of Language and Culture, UiT. We study language as a fundamental part of the mind/brain of a human being. We conduct research in three areas: A) Acquisition: how multilingual minds develop in children and adults, B) Variation: how and why languages may differ across individuals and groups in space and time, and C) Attrition: how and why language erosion may occur over the course of the lifespan. 

Our goal
We aim at connecting research with society (multilingual families, teachers, politicians etc.) so that more children experience the benefits of bi- and multilingualism.

Our contribution
Are there several languages ​​spoken in your family? Do your children grow up with two or more languages, and you need advice? Are you worried about how multilingualism can affect your child’s academic achievement at school? Would you like to know more about bi- and multilingualism?

If you need advice or information on these or other questions, you may either consult the sources found on this website (see Resources), check the FAQs page or send us an email at

Please note that we can only give advice on typical language development: We do not have the competence to comment on medical or psychological conditions. If you are concerned about your child’s physical or mental health, you should contact professionals.

Talks for parents and teachers
We are happy to come to schools, kindergartens or other relevant places to give outreach talks on bi- and multilingualism.

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The Tromsø branch Flere språk til flere Tromsø is also part of the Bilingualism Matters network.

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