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Illustration of a hand with different colors. "Heritage-bilingual Linguistic Proficiency in their Native Grammar. HeLPiNG.The Heritage-bilingual Linguistic Proficiency in their Native Grammar (HeLPiNG) project is a multimillion-euro grant funded by Tromsø Forskningsstiftelse (Tromsø Research Foundation) (2019-2023). Heritage language bilingualism has shown significant degrees of variation in development, but especially ultimate attainment outcomes from monolinguals of the same language and across individual heritage speakers.

The primary objective of HeLPiNG is to answer: Why is Heritage language bilingualism characterized by such variation in grammatical knowledge and language use to degrees unseen in monolinguals?

By addressing these equally fundamental secondary objective questions: (Aim 1) when and why do developing monolinguals and HSs begin to diverge for the same language?, (Aim 2) at what levels (under what modalities of testing) do HSs truly differ? and (Aim 3) what is the role of the (lack of) HL literacy in explaining (some) observed HS outcomes?

HeLPiNG Questions is a mini-podcast series where we talk to world-leading experts about bilingualism, intended for everyone.

Introduction to HeLPiNG Questions.

Episode 1: What does it mean to be bilingual?

Episode 2: Do kids get confused when you speak to them in more than one language?

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