Barents Indigenous Peoples’ Congress and Conference

Barents Indigenous Peoples’ Congress and Conference 2015

During Sami week, UiT The Arctic University of Norway will be hosting the Barents Indigenous Peoples’ Congress and the conference Indigenous Barents 2050: Impacts of our footprints. The Congress is being organized in collaboration with the Working Group of Indigenous Peoples (WGIP), the Barents Indigenous Peoples’ Office (BIPO), the Norwegian Barents Secretariat and the Centre for Sami Studies at the University of Tromsø.

In addition to taking part during Sami week in Tromsø, which leads up to Sami National Day on February 6th, the Congress is celebrating 20 years of Indigenous cooperation in the Barents region. During the Congress, Indigenous representatives from the Nenets, Veps, and Sami peoples will present the latest developments and news from their homelands in Norway, Sweden, Finland, and Russia. They will also discuss the Action Plan for Indigenous Peoples in the Barents 2013-2016, and begin a dialogue on the upcoming 2017-2020 Action Plan. This will mark the third Congress on Indigenous Peoples in the Barents Region.

The Congress will be held on February 4th, 2015 and will be followed by a conference on Indigenous languages and extractive industries on February 5th.

The conference, which is being organized by the project Focal Point North and the Norwegian Barents Secretariat, will provide a forum for discussion on such topics as the disappearance of Indigenous languages and the possible future between Indigenous peoples and extractive industries in the Arctic.

Full program for the Congress

Full program for the Conference

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