Target group for FutureLab-TEO 2.0

Early in the planning phase for the renovated FutureLab-Teorifagbygget we will have to decide who the target group is. I currently see four options:

  1. Early adopters
  2. Teachers who use active learning techniques but are currently using non-ideal spaces
  3. Teachers who are looking to start using active learning techniques (or are being forced to)
  4. Student study/work space

Each target group has their own needs for a space.

Early adopters are looking to push boundaries and try out new techniques and new technologies. They are willing to struggle a bit to find out if something works the way they want. This model would best suit what we call our spaces; FutureLab.

What about teachers who already use active learning techniques but might be in lecture halls or low tech classrooms that they constantly have to reorganize the furniture in? I’d guess that they want furniture on wheels and might be more comfortable with higher end technology to support their teaching methods.

Teachers who currently lecture are probably divided into two sub groups: those who are interested in trying new tehcniques and those who are resistant to change. Either way, I think that these teachers will want rooms that are easy to use and to rearrange. Furniture on wheels, whiteboards, and limited technology to stumble over.

A student space will be less formal, possibly with high end tech that they otherwise don’t have access to. The room booking system will have to prioritize students – the room can’t constantly be taken up by faculty teaching their courses.

Which target group should FutureLab-Teorifagbygget 2.0 focus on? I’d love to get your feedback in the comments or on Twitter @futurelabmv

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