Supporttjenester for aktive læringsklasserom ved UMN

University of Minnesota (UMN) i USA har hatt et helt bygg fylt med aktive læringsklasserom i cirka 10 år nå. Dessuten leverer de mange forskjellige typer support til fagansatte som vil ta disse rom i bruk og benytte aktive læringsmetoder generelt. Her er en oversikt:

Current Professional Development Support for Active Learning Classrooms

Center for Educational Innovation (CEI)
  1. Academic Coursework Delivered by CEI Staff: Many CEI staff members have taught full semester courses in an ALC and have much practical experience to offer instructors who are new to these environments. Students in our Preparing Future Faculty and International Teaching Assistant courses are being prepared to deliver future instruction to undergraduate students through these courses.
  1. Active Learning Classrooms Website This site is the product of staff from the CEI, the Office of Information Technology, and University Libraries. There are four sections that examine issues critical to success in ALCs.
  1. ALC Faculty Learning Community  The CEI sponsors a faculty learning community on teaching in active learning spaces. The FLC is focused on teaching observations and course design strategies for effective teaching in ALCs.
  1. Book on ALCs   CEI staff recently published a book on active learning classrooms, the first book of its kind in higher education. The book is entitled A guide to teaching in the active learning classroom and was published by Stylus in 2016. Information on the book can be viewed on the link shown above.
  1. 1-1 Consultations on Course Design. One-to-one consultations with a CEI staff member help to structure a set of learning activities appropriate to an active learning space. Academic Technology and Support Services (ATSS) also have consultation services used by the university teaching community.
  1. Fellowship for Teaching in Active Learning Classrooms  The Academic Health Center, Office of Education, and Center for Educational Innovation sponsor a fellowship program for 2018-19. Participants will transform a required course they are currently teaching into one that maximizes the affordances of an ALC and can be taught in the new classrooms in the Health Sciences Education Center (HSEC)
  1. International Forum on Active Learning Classrooms   This bi-annual forum, begun in 2011, brings together university personnel from across the country to Bruininks Hall. The forum includes keynote speakers, demonstrations, small group discussions, panel presentations, and a poster session.
  1. Ongoing Publications on Research in ALCs   CEI’s Research and Evaluation Services currently provides a host of research reports on active learning spaces. The research is deeply pragmatic in its intent and focus and thereby provides an informed guideline for advancing practice in ALCs. In 2014, staff from the CEI edited a volume on active learning spaces for the journal New Directions in Teaching and Learning, a national publication that is of value to scholars and practitioners alike.
  1. Orientation to ALC technology: The Office of Classroom Management (OCM) regularly conducts orientation programs on the technology available for new instructors in Bruininks Hall. A broad background to ALCs is shown on the link above.

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