EU-finaning projects about gender and mobilities????????

Dear Siri,

Thx for your idea, and yes, It could be really interesting to try to get EU fundings. I know from experience that It is a very hard job to do, and our resources here are very limited, so I can’t promise to put much work into this, at least not until we see how interesed people are. What we probably need is someone willing to take the lead and then a strong supportive group. In the Faroes we we do have a office, which can help on practical issues. We do also have a youth researcher – Firouz Gaini – who might be interested in doing this kind of research. So if there is an interest from more of us, we will join as best as we can.





Today I have been to a meeting about EU-financing projects. The last data for applications in the 7th frame programme of EU is January 31st 2013. Some of the themes they want to finance is demography, migration and youth (point 3 and 4).

I am thinking that we now have a very good network that could enable us to succeed in this tough EU-competition.

Our job will be to make a very good proposal. We can use parts of the Mobile Lifestyles and apply it to our various countries.  We can get help here to fill out the forms and make the budgets (among others from Bjørg from Norway and Torbjørg from Iceland who know much about EU and TORUNN is indispensable in making budgets).

Are there some interests out there? That also mean that we have to do a job? Who are willing to put work into this.

On my part, I do not promise anything, but I will just see if there are some interests among our group. We in Tromsø can also be partners and some of you the main applicant.

Best wishes from SIRI

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  1. Hello everybody with some news from our network!

    The best news is that the UNIVERSITY BOARD decided not to close us down. We shall now be incoprorated as a unit in the Faculty of Humanities, Social Sciences and Education. We are now facing a process to adapt to new structures and the new situation.
    We are also struggling with more applications. THis time it is seedmoney for the NORHED programme (the NORWEGIAN programme for collaboration with the universities in the SOUTH). Here the main idea will also be gender and mobilties in resource related area.
    In addition we are in the middle of the hiring process of our post.doc. IT is no secret that Deatra Walsh was the only qualified applicant.
    We will also remind you that the deadline for the NGT articles is towards the middle of NOVEMBER.
    Hope that you all have a nice time.
    Best greetings from TROMSØ and siri

  2. Dear all friends of GENDER AND MOBILITIES!

    We have had and still have a tough time here at KVINNFORSK. There are “forces” that want us to dissappear by fragmenting KVINNFORSK by deviding academic and administrative and political work. The academic position to a faculty after a competition. The administrative positions to the administrative research section. The Board of the university will decide upon this next week. We have not read the papers that the University administration will make. We cross our fingers!
    However, The gender equality committee of UiT recommend that we continue as a part of the Faculty of Humanities, Social sciences and Teacher’s education. This we have not considered as an ideal situation, but as the processes have gone on, we see few alternatives. We want to continue as a consolidated unit and not be devided.
    Next week we know more about this. Until then we shall mobilise as well as we can.

  3. Dear friends.
    Thank you for the answers about EU- project. So far I have got two answers! And we got another news today: Seed money for Africa is due early November. Then comes the work with the Uganda- Norway project. I think we will have to leave the EU-thing until 2013 when the next big programme is comming.
    In the meanwhile we will meat on workshops in TROMSØ through our NFR-project: MOBILE LIFESTYLES. Perhaps the meetings there can be used to prepare such a project.
    Best greetings from SIRI

  4. Dear Florence and all mobility people. I shall find out more about the EU money, especially the range of it: If the money covers only Eurepean Countries or can be more worldwide. SIRI

  5. Am very happy to see all our friends. The picture is excellent. We at the School of Women and Gender Studies, Makerere University, Kampala Uganda are interested to join a team and write an application for EU funding for gender and mobility.

    Siri, how do we begin on this? we are ready to start the process.

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