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This is a network for research on gender and mobility, and have participans from Canada, Faroe Island, Iceland, Uganda, USA, and Norway.

Centre for Women and Gender Research (KVINNFORSK) at University of Tromsø got funding from the The Research Council of Norway to a pilot study in Faroe Island, Iceland and North Norway in 2011 and 2012 with the theme: Gendered Geographic Mobilities and Quantiative Data. More information you will find under “Reports”.

In June 2012 KVINNFORSK arranged internasjonal symposium/PhD-course: Gender and Mobilitis: Current Empirical, Theoretical and Methodological Perspectives with funding from University of Tromsø. More information you will find under “Reports”.

The Gender and Mobility network wants to continue working together after the meeting in Tromsø and Reykjavik. KVINNFORSK also want to include researchers working with the theme from other parts of the world.

2 thoughts on “The Network

  1. Hi,
    I’m teacher and researcher in a Portuguese university. I’, planning to submit a project about Gender and Mobility. My interest in this thematic is from the perspective of Sociology. My PhD thesis was about Mobility and I have coordinated the project of implementation of the Gender Equality Plan of my university. Presently I work in the tow thematics and I would like to join both in a project as my PhD research enable me with interesting clues about the relation between Mobility and Gender. I wonder if I can join your network and work with you in a propostal to submit to 7th Programme.

  2. Dear All.
    Look at Gesturs answer. I competely agree with him. My first mail is an effort to see if there are some interest to make a try. IF there are an interest, we must really see who are interested and how much time we can put into this. SIRI

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