Global Teaching for Sustainable Society

The  GIPS network was established in 2011, and has been funded my Nordplus, as a Nordic network to enhance partnership with institutions in the Global South. The overall goal of the network is to strengthen the intercultural and global understanding of student teachers internship through  sharing experiences around  student teachers practice in the Global South.

From 2022 Global Teaching for Sustainable Society (GLOSS) with our new partners, we will strategically bring together Nordic institutions which are involved with offering student teachers both virtual and/or physical mobility. There is no current Nordic network focusing on students’ virtual and physical mobility with Partners in the Global South.

In this development project, we will share knowledge, and competence and build competence on internship in the Global South. The partners educate teacher students from various disciplines, such as early childhood education, special education, primary and secondary education.

Participating institutions 2022-2024



Virtual collaboration in 2022-23

The focus in 2022-23 will be the use of virtual collaboration between Nordic Countries and partners in the Global South.

Through the use of digital platforms, we have elaborated on how it can be possible for Nordic student teachers to meet teacher students from other parts of the world. The main objective is to discuss different experiences, learn about each other’s teacher education, develop knowledge and prepare to be teachers and kindergarten teachers in the globalized world. The use of virtual meetings can also contribute to more democratic and equal participation from our partners in the Global South.

Both the UN’s sustainability goal no. 4 (Good Education) and goal no. 17 (Sustainable Partnerships) are relevant goals in relation to the network’s goal.

Sharing experiences

In 2020 the network completed a catalogue that is useful as a handbook by educational institutions when arranging students teachers practice in the Global South

GIPS KATALOG 2.UDGAVE 2020 (to be translated)

Research and development

The Nordic partners in GIPS are involved in various research projects and development work. Here you will find some of our publications and projects.

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