Green Construction in the Arctic Region (Green Arctic Building – GrAB)

The project meeting on the implementation of the KO 1089 project “Green Construction in the Arctic Region” (Green Arctic Building – GrAB) was held at Petrozavodsk State University during 25th of September 2019.

Members of the international consortium, representatives of partner universities: UiT The Arctic University of Norway (Norway), University of Oulu (Finland), Murmansk State Technical University and Petrozavodsk State University attended the meeting

The Norwegian project partners were represented by Svein-Erik Sveen, Associate Professor (UiT) and Eigil Roaldset (UiT), representing the Norwegian partner project. Finnish project partners were represented by Senior Researcher Antti H. Niemi and Lecturer Hannu Lahtinen of the University of Oulu.

Murmansk State Technical University, Department of Construction, Heat and Power Engineering and Transport was represented by Svetlana Buryachenko and Yana Karachentseva. Petrozavodsk State University was represented by the staff of the Department of Technology and Organization of Construction Alexander Kuzmenkov and Zakhar Voronin.

The director of Energy Efficient House Building LLC, a partner organization of the project, Artem Derbenev was an invited guest of the meeting.The round table was moderated by Alexander Kuzmenkov, project manager of the KO 1089 project from PetrSU. The current implementation of the project, a strategy for its further development (discussion of the main technical issues, discussion of digging works, terms of exchange of technical and scientific information) in 2019-2020 were discussed at the meeting.