About the project

Financers:Kolarctic CBC, Kolarctic Norway, Nordland County
Duration:2019/01/01 – 2021/12/31
Budget:1,7 mill EUR


A large share of existing buildings and urban areas in the Nordic and Russian Arctic do not meet the requirements of today’s standards. People are not motivated or encouraged to continue living in the north, resulting in substantial depopulation of the Arctic regions. The general problems of urban areas in the High North are the degradation of neighborhoods, segregation of various groups of people resulting in an increase of social and economic problems, and low energy efficiency of building areas that do not meet the requirements of healthy and comfortable environment for people living in the North.

In addition, existing buildings do not meet modern requirements for environmental sustainability and economic efficiency of the city, as well as the requirements of a healthy and comfortable living environment. Hence, there is a need to upgrade the urban environment with change towards environmental innovations of “green building”, which provide a favorable environment, energy efficient of buildings and safe structures, use of renewable energy for construction activities, green infrastructure and green design of the buildings.

The project is aimed at solving the problem of providing a sustainable urban environment in the northern regions based on the use of “green building” practices and tools, aiming to create attractive and comfortable living environment for the people. This will be supported by developing and promoting sustainable strategies for green buildings in cold climate.

Overall objective of the Project

Support “Green” and sustainable building to enhance the region’s competitiveness, improve the quality of life and support social and economic activity with regard to environmental issues in the development of the Barents Region.

Activities to be implemented by the project