Research and Advocacy Group on Hunter Gatherer Education

The Research and Advocacy Group on Hunter Gatherer Education: HG-EDU  was launched at the Twelfth Conference on Hunting and Gathering Societies (CHAGS 12), in Penang, Malaysia on 25 July 2018.

We invite interested researchers and activists to join us in this new Research and Advocacy Group under the International Society for Hunter Gatherer Research (ISHGR). This group focuses on issues relating to education for contemporary hunting and gathering societies. A central goal of this group will be to contribute to hunter-gatherer communities’ ongoing efforts to secure sustainable livelihoods, with an emphasis on educational aspects of these efforts. By education we are referring broadly to intergenerational knowledge transmission that is practiced by all cultures, and also more narrowly to formal education, commonly associated with schooling – and to the inter-relations between these spheres.

Research and advocacy will connect the concept of education with realistic livelihood opportunities, land rights, and environmental issues, and will address both access to formal education, and alternative approaches. It will have as a central focus indigenous knowledge and skills, and their importance for both hunter-gatherer communities themselves – and for humanity. It will also address current threats to maintaining indigenous knowledge and skills. Please find the full working statement of the group here.

We are currently soliciting abstracts for an upcoming workshop on hunter gatherer education at the Arctic University of Norway, in Tromsø. Abstracts are due 1 June 2019.

You can also join our group on facebook here