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The Full Flow project

The full name of the project is “Full Flow of Health Data Between Patients and Health Care Systems” and is funded by The Research Council of Norway. It was started 2016 and is planned to run throughout 2020.


Norwegian electronic health record (EHR) systems do not allow integration of patient-gathered data, and these systems are not compatible with each other. By suggesting research regarding how decision support systems designed for health care personnel, can be integrated with self-managed systems based on real patients, we expect to unveil a vast amount of new insight. The chosen approaches will place a large emphasis on user-involved design, development of archetypes as communication enablers and information retrieval to measure effects, agile development methods, and solid documentation of both medical and economical outcomes of the tested concepts. This approach will address issues regarding feasibility and interoperability, how they can be implemented, the economical and health outcomes, and how can these concepts be used internationally.

Our collective expertise on the disease case diabetes, self-management tools, the security of technological communication for medical purposes and understanding of how mobile health tools can and should be integrated into a medical system will benefit not only patients but health actors too.

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Eirik Årsand Eirik Årsand

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