BED-8004 Academic entrepreneurship – why and how

NB! The information below is from Spring 2018 and outdated. Due to revision of the course, it will not be offered again until Spring 2021.

Making your own business, if successful, is good both for the society and you. BED-8004 Academic entrepreneurship is the place to start if you are a PhD candidate wanting to turn your research into business.

No study fee for foreign students.

The syllabus will be available via Canvas and you are encouraged to familiarise yourself with this literature before the course starts.

Using the template found in Canvas, outline a potential new business idea that you think may be worth exploring. The idea can be based on your research, be for any industry sector, and can be product- or service-based. It must, however, be innovative. You will work with this business idea throughout the course week.

Five course days:

The main lecturers will be:

Course responsible Lene Foss, Dr. Oecon is Professor of Entrepreneurship and Innovation and Programme Director for the Master of Science in Business Creation and Entrepreneurship at the School of Business and Economics, UiT. Her research concentrates on academic entrepreneurship, universities as entrepreneurial institutions, responsible innovation and the role of gender in entrepreneurship and innovation. Foss has been/is faculty member to national PhD Schools in Norway: Enterprise Development and Worklife Research (EDWOR), and the Norwegian Research School in Innovation (NORSI). She holds board membership at Institute for Small Business and Entrepreneurship (UK), University Industry Innovation Network (Netherlands). Foss is Editorial Consultant and Board Member for the International Journal of Gender and Entrepreneurship. She has been an Associate Editor for the Journal of Small Business Management, and currently serves on its International Research Board.  Foss has been academic visitor at University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, USA; Cambridge Judge Business School, University of Cambridge, UK, and Säid Business School, University of Oxford, UK.

Pamela Nowell is a Doctoral Candidate at Chalmers University of Technology in Gothenburg, Sweden. Her dissertation Pamela Nowellresearch focuses on the study of new venture team processes and dynamics over time and includes both qualitative and quantitative elements. Pamela is part of a new venture teams research group that is carrying out a comprehensive longitudinal study of 120 teams in multiple incubator sites across Sweden, Norway and Russia ( Pamela takes a relational and process perspective in her research and focuses on the emergence of trust and distrust within teams, conflict processes, and the development of team member relationships over time. Pamela holds a Master in Medicine from the University of Gothenburg in Sweden and a Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry from the University of Winnipeg in Canada.


Tim Vorley is Professor of Entrepreneurship and Associate Dean at Sheffield University Management School (SUMS) in the UK, with responsibility for advancing research-led engagement, impact and innovation. He is an economic geographer by training, and the focus of his research is entrepreneurship, innovation and regional development. He has published on the concept of the entrepreneurial university and been active in the development of management of knowledge exchange and technology transfer. Tim leads the Innovation Caucus, a group of 66 academics across the UK, who are funded by Innovate UK and the Economic and Social Research Council. Prior to joining SUMS, Tim previously worked at the Universities of Oxford and Cambridge, and has held research secondments within central government departments.


Dagfinn Sætra is University Lecturer at UiT, teaching bachelor and master students in innovation, idea evaluation, commercialization, business creation and entrepreneurship. He has worked as Business Developer at Norinnova Technology Transfer for 1 year and in Connect Northern Norway for 5 years. Before that, he worked in the Music Industry for 17 years in various positions, amongst them Head of Finance for 10 years, and Managing Director in a start-up company for 4 years.

Dipesh Sigdel is a PhD candidate in Academic Entrepreneurship at UiT – The Arctic University of Norway. He is working under the research project “Developing research- entrepreneurship linkages: Co – creating new business activity in Northern Norway” in collaboration with Nord University. Dipesh is involved in the work package that studies the linkages between academic research and entrepreneurship and focuses on the engaged scientific team and the co-creation of research-entrepreneurship relations in Northern-Norwegian context. Dipesh holds a master’s degree in Business Creation and Entrepreneurship from UiT. As a part of his master’s thesis, he has worked with an academic research team from telemedicine sector performing market study, preparing business plan and developing a tentative commercialization strategy.

Thomas Stien works as an financial advisor at Innovation Norway. He is responsible for the biotechnology and health sector. He is also responsible for entrepreneurship in the arctic and has an overview of funding possibilities in Innovation Norway and other public fundings.


DT Lab – The lab for design thinkers is a five-year-old project that revolves around the innovation methodology Design Thinking. We have done different things over the years, like arranging our own design thinking events for local industry, teaching classes, arranging student-industry collaborations and student exchange programs. Lately we have focused on two areas, student entrepreneurship and student-industry collaboration via classes. See more about that at or have a look at some of our older projects at

DT lab Design Thinkers;
Alexander Utne,
Håvar Brattli,

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