Research team

The project will be co-directed by professor Bjørnar Olsen, University of Tromsø, and dr. Sven-Donald Hedman, with Olsen as scientifically responsible for the project. Olsen is a leading scholar on northern and Sámi archaeology and has published extensively on these subjects, as well as on theoretical archaeology and material culture studies. He has a strong international network through long-term research conducted at UCL, Cambridge and Stanford. Hedman, who will be researcher and executive manager of archive research, fieldwork and project administration, has intimate knowledge of the research object and Sámi cultural history. He has just completed his post-doctoral research in the ESF BOREAS project “Home, Hearth and Household in the Circumpolar North” (2006-2010). Included in the project is the Environmental Archaeology Laboratory, Umeå University, with docent Karin Wiklund and dr. Johan Linderholm as main collaborative partners. Osteological analysis will be conducted by Maria Vretemark at Västergötlands Museum, who has long experience with northern faunal material. Professor Knut Håkon Røed, Norwegian School of Veterinary Science, Oslo, a pioneer in genetic research on reindeer population, will do analyses of ancient DNA based on reindeer remains. The GIS analysis will be carried out as a separately funded project in collaboration with Tiina Äikäs, University of Oulu, Finland.