The Alliance for Peacebuilding

This membership network devoted to building peace in the world until we all feel secure, dignified, and included. This network connects working groups specifically in the areas of policy and advocacy, learning and evaluation, and public awareness and partnerships.

The Civil Affairs Association 

The Civil Affairs Association is an American veterans organization with the aim of advocating for civil affairs within the national Department of Defense in order for maximum capability of civil affairs to be carried out. They have published several interesting pieces relating to our project. Of special note would an article written by our very own Col Christopher Holshek, an article published in Army Magazine, “At 100, Civil Affairs is Coming of Age”.

The Narrative Strategies
Here is another coalition to which our Col Christopher Holshek is a member. It is a coalition working on “non-kinetic aspects of counter-terrorism, defeating violent extremism, irregular warfare, large-scale conflict mediation, and peace-building.

The National Service Ride
The National Service Ride is an initiative of our Col Christopher Holshek with the angle of, in his own words, “encouraging a broad-based ethos of community and national service helps to improve civilian resilience through citizen empowerment.” This project is based on his book “Travels with Harley – Journeys in Search of Personal and National Identity,” which is definitely worth a read.